안녕하세요! Helloooo!

여러분, 잘지? How is everyone doing?

한극어를 공부하고 있어요, 미안해 🙏🏽

Me apologizing to K-Armys in case I’m saying a bunch of crap😂. I’m still in like Kindergarten level since two months ago so don’t come at me!

Anywaysssss, so just like me, I know a lot of Armys who are studying Korean because it’s fun or because we want to relate to BTS’s songs more or in my case, have always wanted to learn a new language and BTS was that push we needed.

What excites me more about learning Korean is that now when I listen to BTS’s songs, there are words and sentences that I now know the meanings to and can say fluently which makes me happy. Like there are some songs I can sing fluently from beginning to end but I would have no idea what I’m saying😂. I knew how to sing “Ddaeng” fluently without knowing what I was saying and I know I’m not the only Army😂. To be honest, this was all a build up to today’s game.

So todayyyy, we will be playing “Guess which song!”. Basically, Armys would be guessing which song the lyrics are from but the twist is, they will have to guess the songs from the Korean lyrics that I will translate to English. So the lyrics are originally in Korean but I will display them in English.

We know BTS always bring different vibes with each song but sometimes the lyrics might seem similar because of the message they’re trying to pass across so I hope I’m able to confuse you 😙.

Let’s get it!

Introducing the blog guests!

Name: Maxi From: US Hobbies: Swim and play soccer

Name: Agnija From: Latvia but I live in UK Hobbies: BTS 😁, trying to learn BTS dances and I guess studying cause it takes up a lot of my time and I quite enjoy it.

Name: Shayma From: Somalia Hobbies: To be a good girl…Tae😂

Name: Prerna From: India Hobbies: Listening to music, dancing, acting, editing videos and studying the world’s history

Name: Maelle From: France Hobbies: Singing

Name: Kookiekml From: Indonesia Hobbies: Watching Kdramas

Why am I excited for this game?😂. Anyways, let’s get into it!

Don’t forget to play along and share your scores in the comments below! Fighting!💜

1. Although I’ll fall again, I’ll make a mistake again and I’ll be covered in mud, I believe in myself because I’m a hero.

Maxi: Anpanman

Agnija: Anpanman

Shayma: Magic Shop

Prerna: Anpanman

Maelle: I don’t know 🤔

Kookiekml: Anpanman

2. Art is too much to drink, yeah. The new record is a fight with you, yeah

Maxi: Dionysus?

Agnija: Dionysus

Shayma: Pass?

Prerna: Dionysus

Maelle: I don’t know 😂

Kookiekml: Dionysus

3. When you want to give up in the middle of this road, try yelling even louder so what what what!

Maxi: So what

Agnija: So what

Shayma: So what

Prerna: So What

Maelle: So what

Kookiekml: So what

4. After 7 winters and springs, holding each other’s hands.

Maxi: We are Bulletproof: The Eternal?

Agnija: We are Bulletproof: The Eternal

Shayma: Spring Day

Prerna: We are Bulletproof: The Eternal

Maelle: Spring Day

Kookiekml: We are Bulletproof: The Eternal

5. If you look at it in a certain way, it’s harder loving yourself than loving someone else

Maxi: Answer: Love Myself

Agnija: Love Myself

Shayma: Home

Prerna: Love Myself

Maelle: Love Myself

Kookiekml: Love Myself

6. I remember us in school uniforms. Each of our memories is like a movie.

Maxi: Friends

Agnija: Friends

Shayma: Pass😂

Prerna: Friends

Maelle: Boy in Luv

Kookiekml: Friends (Jimin & V)

7. Anger rules this world, seems like if there’s no anger then no one can live.

Maxi: UGH! (My favorite lol)

Agnija: UGH!

Shayma: Dangerous?

Prerna: UGH!

Maelle: I think N.O

Kookiekml: UGH! (rap line)

8. As if you are right there but I reach out my hand and you disappear.

Maxi: Film out

Agnija: Film Out

Shayma: Love Myself

Prerna: Film Out

Maelle: Make it Right

Kookiekml: Film Out

9. Whatever other people say, whatever the world tells you, you’re the best to me just the way you are.

Maxi: 21st Century Girl?

Agnija: 21st Century Girl

Shayma: Best of Me

Prerna: 21st Century Girl

Maelle: Best of me

Kookiekml: 21st Century Girl

10. The lights that illuminated your eyes are the me of right now

Maxi: Inner child?

Agnija: Inner Child

Shayma: Pass

Prerna: Light

Maelle: Light

Kookiekml: Inner child (V)

11. Promise now to me, even if you feel like you’re alone several times of the day, don’t throw yourself away.

Maxi: Promise

Agnija: Promise

Shayma: Promise

Prerna: Promise by Jimin

Maelle: ….

Kookiekml: Promise (Jimin)

12. Let me know, can I someday finna find my time?

Maxi: My Time

Agnija: My Time

Shayma: Serendipity

Prerna: Let Me Know

Maelle: My Time

Kookiekml: My Time (Jungkook)

13. People change as I’ve changed. There’s nothing eternal in the world.

Maxi: People- Agust D? I DON’T KNOW LOL

Agnija: People

Shayma: Just Dance

Prerna: People by Agust D

Maelle: I don’t know

Kookiekml: People (Suga)

14. “Who am I” the question I had my whole life. The question which I probably won’t find an answer to my whole life.

Maxi: Intro: Persona

Agnija: Persona

Shayma: Shadow

Prerna: Persona

Maelle: Dionysus

Kookiekml: Persona (RM)

15. Spring, summer, autumn, winter always the same feeling, blue.

Maxi: Blue side- JHope

Agnija: Blue Side

Shayma: Singularity

Prerna: Blue Side

Maelle: Spring Day

Kookiekml: Blue Side (JHope)

16. I will orbit around you, I will be by your side. I will become your light, all for you.

Maxi: Moon

Agnija: Moon

Shayma: Epiphany

Prerna: Moon

Maelle: Light

Kookiekml: Moon (Jin)

I thought this game was going to be really hard but ARMYs did a lot better than I expected. Let’s reveal the answers, shall we?


1. Anpanman

2. Dionysus

3. So What

4. We are Bulletproof: The Eternal

5. Answer: Love Myself

6. Friends by Jimin and V

7. UGH! by our sexy rapline

8. Film Out

9. 21st Century Girl

10. Inner Child by V

11. Promise by Jimin

12. My Time by Jungkook

13. People by Agust D/ Suga

14. Intro: Persona by RM

15. Blue Side by JHopea

16. Moon by Jin

Shall we reveal the results? Looks like everyone is a winner todayyy 😂✨

Maxi- 16/16

Agnija- 16/16


Prerna- 14/16

Maelle- 3/16

Kookiekml- 16/16


1st Place 🥇 ~ Maxi, Agnija and Kookiekml!!!

2nd Place 🥈~ Prerna!

3rd Place 🥉 ~ Maelle!

And lastly,

🏅~ Shayma!

Thank you all so much for playing with me and ARMYs. I really really hope everyone had fun. Also, I know BTS has a huge discography so there are some songs here that some of you might not have heard especially baby ARMYs so do give them a listen. These are “some” of the few BTS songs that have special places in my heart. Of course, I haven’t heard all their songs yet and I try to listen to new ones whenever I can so you should too!

Anticipate Day 6! The Ultimate Army challenge!

Annyeong, Borahae! 안녕 보라해!💜



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