여러분 안녕하세요!!!!

Hello everyone!!!!

How is everyone doing? I really hope everyone has been enjoying The Bangtaniversary. It’s coming to an end soon hehe!

From the beginning, we’ve been testing Armys on their BTS through songs, pictures etc so I think it’s only fair we do the ULTIMATE ARMY CHALLENGE! Most of the questions are basically questions I expect most Armys to know so don’t disappoint me besties!😙

Don’t forget to play along and you can tell me your scores in the comments! 알았어? 네

Introducing the blog guests

Name: Liviagloss From: Indonesia Hobbies: Writing, drawing and singing

Name: Elhany From: Indonesia Hobbies: Listening to music; watching drama, anime, movie; reading novel and good books.

Name: Naomi From: Nigeria Hobbies: Reading, writing and doddling

Name: Manushi From: Sri Lanken but I live in Italy Hobbies: Being an ARMY

Name: Nikki From: Philippines Hobbies: watch Cafe vlogs, cuddle with my dogs, talk to my Bonsai plant (inspired by Namjoon) and scroll my phone for BTS updates.

Name: Kathia From: Puerto Rico (a Caribbean Island that is half a state of US). Hobbies: Writing, listening to music, drawing , painting and crafting.


1. What was the duration Namjoon said he would ban a fan from Weverse?

Liviagloss: I’m not sure…I just joined Weverse recently

Elhany: Ionno

Naomi: Umm

Manushi: Honestly I have no idea, sorry.😂

Nikki: I literally have no idea. 😂

Kathia: 3 days, if I’m not mistaken.

2. What would Jungkook have done if he wasn’t in BTS?

Liviagloss: He would be gamer

Elhany: Professional gamer

Naomi: Pro gamer

Manushi: He would be a pro gamer.

Nikki: Pro-gamer.

Kathia: He would probably continue to be a singer, perhaps an athlete or an actor.

3. Hobi always praised himself for becoming a bronze medalist in a tennis game he contested in when he was younger. How many players were in the game?

Liviagloss: 4

Elhany: 3 players

Naomi: Three

Manushi: There were 3 teams, and he got the third place.

Nikki: 3

Kathia: With Hobi, there would be 2

4. Who wants to be a stone in his next life?

Liviagloss: Yoongi😭

Elhany: Suga

Naomi: Yoongi

Manushi: Yoongi 💜

Nikki: Yoongi

Kathia: Yoongi

5. Which non-solo song did Tae write in the “BE” album?

Liviagloss: Shoot, I forgot

Elhany: Blue and Grey

Naomi: Blue and Grey

Manushi: Blue and Grey

Nikki: Blue & Grey

Kathia: Blue & Grey

6. Who is Namjoon’s biggest fan?

Liviagloss: Jeon Jungkook 🐰

Elhany: Jungkook

Naomi: Jungkook

Manushi: BTS ? Jackson? 🤔

Nikki: Jungkook

Kathia: I think … Jk?

7. What does Jin do every morning when he wakes up?

Liviagloss: Looks in the mirror?

Elhany: Tells himself, “you’re so handsome”

Naomi: He looks at himself in the mirror and praises his handsomeness.

Manushi: Just praising himself., Saying “wahh I’m worldwide handsome”

Nikki: Looks in the mirror and says he’s handsome!😂

Kathia: If he doesn’t have a tight schedule, he reads web comics, in addition to cooking.

8. Which members had an “under the rain” moment?

Liviagloss: Do you mean the sad moment? If yes, then I think Taehyung

Elhany: Aahh I remember… Jimin and Jungkook right?!

Naomi: Jimin and Jungkook

Manushi: Aaaaaaaaaa!!! It’s JK and Jimin

Nikki: Jimin & Jungkook

Kathia: Jimin and JK

9. Who said “I hold my breath 10 seconds each day to prevent carbon dioxide emission”?

Liviagloss: JHope

Elhany: JHope

Naomi: Hobi

Manushi: My sunshine, HOBI 💜

Nikki: Jin??

Kathia: Hobi

10. Which member hardly picks up his calls or responds to texts?

Liviagloss: Is it Yoongi again?

Elhany: Jungkook

Naomi: Jin

Manushi: It’s Jungkook.

Nikki: Jungkook

Kathia: JK

11. Who did the members leave at the gas station in Bon Voyage season 4?

Liviagloss: I need to watch that (I can explain) 😂

Elhany: JHope

Naomi: Hobi

Manushi: Hobi🤣

Nikki: My love, Hobi 💛

Kathia: Hobi 😂

I should just go straight the answers right? 😂 okay


1. 3 days!

Since no one got it right, I’m guessing a lot of people don’t know the story so I’ll tell you😙.

So one ARMY on Weverse pointed a meme of Namjoon. He saw it and commented that he would ban that ARMY off Weverse for 3 days. Of course, he was joking so when ARMYs saw that he was joking around, everyone started posting memes of Namjoon. He commented under two other ARMY’s posts as well saying that he would ban them also. It was very funny and cute😭

2. Professional gamer

3. There were 3 players and he got third place😂. It’s always so funny when the members use it to hype him up

4. Yoongi! Suga! Agust D! Lil meow meow

5. Blue and Grey, the song I listen to when I want to have a good cry then go to bed 💜

6. Jungkookie!

7. Looks at himself in the mirror and goes, “Wow, so handsome. Wow, I’m so jealous. How can you be so handsome?” 😂😂😂

8. Jimin and Jungkook🥺 some Jikook moment right there😭

9. Hobi😂

10. Jungkook, our Gen Z representative

11. Hobi😭😂 that scene was funny but not funny!😂💔


1. How long did it take you to tell them apart and which member did you have the hardest time recognizing?

Liviagloss: A month lol

Elhany: Few months… no one

Naomi: It didn’t really take me that long, a few weeks or so…Jimin

Manushi: It took like two or three days. And Jimin was the hardest to recognize.

Nikki: I cannot remember how many days it was until I recognized them all, but not too long. haha I had hard time recognizing Yoongi and Jin really. 😺

Kathia: It took me more than 1 month approximately. And I did not recognize very well who Tae or Jin were because I confused them for each other 😂

It didn’t take me a long time to recognize them at all. I think I’m just good with faces. I fell for Jimin the first time I watched them😂. Hobi and Yoongi were difficult to tell apart, for me. They looked so alike! They still do sometimes. #SOPE4L

2. Who was your first bias?

Liviagloss: Min Yoongi

Elhany: Park Jimin

Naomi: Jungkook

Manushi: My first bias was Hobi. But after listening to epiphany, I changed my bias to JIN.

Nikki: J-hope. Story time// when my sister introduced me to BTS, i asked her who is the member that is less liked. She pointed Hobi, so I said, okay he’s going to be my bias. 🙂 but i did not stick with Hobi that time… i biased Joon, Jimin, Jungkook, almost V, back to Jimin for quite some time…and now back to my first love, Hobi 🥰

Kathia: JK and always JK

Jimin was my first and still is my bias🐥💜

3. Who did you think were the oldest and the youngest when you first became an Army?

Liviagloss: I thought Taehyung was the youngest and Yoongi was the oldest

Elhany: I thought the oldest was RM and Jungkook as the youngest

Naomi: Namjoon as the oldest and Jimin as the youngest.

Manushi: I thought JK was the oldest and Tae was the youngest 💀

Nikki: I thought Namjoon was the hyung, and Jimin was the maknae. Haha Well, Jimin is such a baby 💕

Kathia: Before I thought Suga was in the maknae line like Namjoon, JK and Jimin, then I thought Tae, Jin and Hobi were the oldest.

I thought RM was the eldest and Tae was the youngest 😂.

4. What was your first thought when you encountered BTS?

Liviagloss: At first, my friends introduced them to me and I thought they were girly (before I became an ARMY)

Elhany: I thought their music is exactly my style

Naomi: I was curious about them


Nikki: “Typical” korean boy group. 😅 (I knowwww, I was wrong. They’re not the typical ones 😂)

Kathia: “They sing well and dance well. What if I follow them?”

My first thought was, “Omg how are they so funny?”😂. Cause the first time I watched them was a Run BTS episode. The whisper challenge, I can never forget

5. For international Armys, how do you sing the Korean parts in the songs?

Liviagloss: I usually sing it like: hdhdhhdhdhbsghjbddkosroepr

Elhany: I just sing how it sounds

Naomi: I usually check out the romanized version of the song and then I sing along to it

Manushi: I sing what I hear, lol 😆

Nikki: If I haven’t read the korean lyrics of the song, I will make my own words on some unaudible lyrics. haha If I run through the lyrics like 3 or 4 times, I can pronounce them well since I’m well-acquainted with korean words 😅

Kathia: I let myself be carried away by the rhythm, then I look for the lyrics and at the end, I sing it. Even though it looks like I’m doing an invocation 😂😂😂

I sing whatever I hear and surprisingly, most times I’m right 😂

6. An embarrassing experience you’ve had because of BTS?

Liviagloss: During an online class, I was singing a BTS song and accidentally unmuted, and the whole class heard it until the teacher pointed it out 😳

Elhany: Doesn’t exactly make me embarrassed tho but singing their song softly when, it’s playing around me.

Naomi: I once started humming fake love in my head, then started dancing the choreography. Luckily no one saw me😅

Manushi: fortunately, I never had an experience like this 😌

Nikki: None so far 💜

Kathia: Mmm, none that I know of.

To be honest, I’ve been embarrassed umpteen times cause of BTS. See I’m someone that has a lot of tears to spare so whether I’m happy, excited, sad, frustrated or angry, I just cry everything out. I cry the most when I’m happy which means I cry everyday thanks to BTS 😂.

So sometimes when I’m with my friends and I’m watching a funny edit on TikTok, I just start laughing and crying and everyone around me is like 👀👀👀👀👀

I can never listen to a new song in front of people. I have to be by myself cause it’s either I’m jumping around or screaming or crying 😂. Yeah ARMYs can be dysfunctional but BTS loves us just the way we are so we don’t care!

Anywaysssss, that is it for today! I hope y’all enjoyed it! Tomorrow is the last day of this year’s Bangtaniversary. I really hope you all enjoyed everything I planned out for you guys. Please comment down below what day was your favorite! Thank you so much! Borahae💜



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