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BIRTHDAY WEEK| Letter to 13 years old Me

Dear Soon to be 13 year old Ib, Hey! Hehe You turn 13 in two days! I know you think “OMG, I’m going to be a teenager, woohoo! I’m going to be so mature!”. Don’t get your hopes up, sweetie. I don’t think you changed till you were like 17😂 First of all, let me […]

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너무 감사합니다 방탄소년단 그리고 아미

I’m currently listening to 2!3!, feeling so overwhelmed as I write this post. A lot has happened since Muster SOWOOZOO, Butter No.1 for 7 weeks on Billboard, PTD debut, Jimmy Fallon and so much more. A lot happens in this fandom that sometimes it gets overwhelming and you just need to clock out but I’ve […]

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Dear reader, Thank you for clicking my link, thank you for coming back again and again and thank you for sharing. You don’t how much these little actions of yours mean to me. I never intend for blogging to feel like work but on days that it does and I feel like quitting, your dms […]