Blogmas D’20: My 2023 Moodboards

As someone that is big on manifestations, visualizations and a lover of Pinterest, I love making Moodboards.

Moodboards are collages of various items like scenic snapshots, song lyrics, and moments, aesthetic pictures, used to evoke a desired feeling, style, or ambience for a project, dream or an event, and often fashioned as a starting point from which to create inspiration.

I created mood/vision boards of the things I want or plan to achieve next year. They are basically a visualization of my goals for next year.

{My Pinterest}

This is my general moodboard for the year.

These are mini sized ones I made to set as my phone wallpapers so they can serve as a constant reminder of the things I’m working towards.

I believe that when your goals are constantly at the back of your mind or in front of your eyes, you’re easily motivated to achieve them.

Like I mentioned, my boards are a visualization of my manifestations and goals for 2023 so your boards should be personal to you. Every picture in my board isn’t just for aesthetic sake, it has a reason it was chosen.

I hope you like my moodboards and if you intend creating yours, please tag me if you do post, I would really love to see them! Also, if you’d like me to explain how I created them just comment below and I’ll definitely publish a post on it.

Thanks for reading! 🤍

Have you ever made moodboards? Do you like mine?


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