Blogmas D’24: My Goals For 2023

It’s that time again when we review how the past 12 months have been and plan how we want the next year to be.

I love making goals for the new year. Most of the time I don’t end up achieving all of them but it feels nice to feel like I’m taking my life seriously.

I showed you guys my mood/vision boards for 2023. They are just a visualization of my goals.

{My Pinterest}

I wrote my goals under different categories to make it more feasible for me.

My 2023 Goals

⭐️ Blog Goals

⁃ Weekly blog posts

-Monthly recaps

⁃ AMOSL (a new series I plan to begin next year

⁃ 700 subscribers

⁃ 50k all time views

⭐️ Self/Physical goals

⁃ Find my sense of style (I got better this year but still working on it)

⁃ Dye my hair (YES!)

⁃ Try contact lenses (I’m literally afraid of them)

⁃ Consistent skincare routine (this is a work in progress so I hope to get better)

⭐️ Personal Goals

⁃ Invest more time in my friendships

⁃ Set boundaries

⁃ Focus on self love

⁃ Improve on my spiritual life

⁃ Go on solo dates

⭐️ Academic Goals

⁃ A higher CGPA

⭐️ Financial Goals

⁃ Monthly savings

⁃ Get a remote job

There are more specific goals under these but this is like a general vision of what my goals are.

Clearly 2023 is my year of self-growth. I will be focusing on ME. Whatever comes with it, comes with it.

I hope I’m able to achieve most of these cause to be honest, they’re very realistic. I didn’t go over the top this time, maybe 2024.

What are your goals for 2023?


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