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Blogmas D’7: What I don’t like about the Harmattan season

Ho Ho Ho Yorobun


My keyboard is already used to the greeting 😂. Guess I’ll be using it throughout Blogmas.

I mentioned in one of my previous posts that in Nigeria, we don’t experience fall or winter, we experience sunny, rainy and harmattan seasons instead. Usually, we would already be in the Harmattan season right now but for some reason the weather isn’t cooperating this year. The weather is very unbalanced at the moment 😂. Today, it’s raining, tomorrow it’s super sunny and it makes me miss the harmattan season a little bit so I thought I’d share with you what the season of harmattan is like while sharing my likes and dislikes about it.

Today, I’ll be focusing on what I DON’T LIKE about Harmattan.

Harsh dryness

One thing everyone knows about Harmattan and probably everyone hates is how dry the weather gets. It feels like a cool desert, no moisture in the air. If you don’t rub lotion on your body regularly, your skin will turn white… literally. Like you rubbed white dust on your skin😂 I really don’t like when that happens.

Sore throat

I don’t why I experience this but whenever it’s harmattan, my throat becomes sore. I think it also happens to other people too, maybe those susceptible to cold?

I hate it so muchhhh like why do I get to have sore throat and the rest of my family don’t 🥺


During harmattan it’s very hard to decide clothes cause the mornings are usually clothes and afternoon comes, suddenly it’s warm so every morning I always have a battle with inner self, “should I sacrifice being cold this morning and feel better in the afternoon or should I feel warm now and hot later?” 😭 it’s a constant struggle.

These are my least favorite things about Harmattan but I guess that’s just how it is😞

I hope Harmattan comes soon though. This sun is way too hot😭

What season are you in right now? What’s your least favorite thing about it? Let’s talk!


7 replies on “Blogmas D’7: What I don’t like about the Harmattan season”

The weather is very imbalanced In south Africa as well. We’re supposed to be in summer now but it feels like winter. It’s cold, it’s raining, it’s cloudy. No sunshine.
My least favorite thing about summer is flies! It’s already so hot and those little demons feel they have the right to be sitting on my body😂😪.
Anyway, hopefully your Harmattan comes soon🥂

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I hate sore throats too! >﹏<
It’s the beginning of winter where I live! My least favourite thing about it is that it BARELY rains… (´。_。`)

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