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Blogmas D’8: What I like about the Harmattan season


Back with the continuation of yesterday’s post! Today I will be sharing what I like about the Harmattan season. There’s not a lot which is good cause I’m trying to keep my Blogmas posts as brief as possible since almost everyone is participating in it and I also want to show support to them.

Okay, these are the reasons I like Harmattan

Lots of Teaaaaaaa

Since the weather is usually very dry during harmattan, it’s recommended that you take as much liquids as possible so you don’t feel dehydrated, especially water but I don’t really drink too much water (sue me💀) so I prefer to drink tea or sometimes coffee and soda.

Cool nights 🌙

During harmattan, nights are really cool. Nights are usually cool but during harmattan, it’s REALLY cool like you don’t even need to put on the fan or AC.

But don’t let the air blow you too much cause it’s mostly dry air and you can catch a cold.

Warm clothes

I love to dress warm so I love dressing during harmattan. Although I did complain about the weather malfunction in my previous post but it’s not always the case so dressing warm is always the best.

These are the few things I like about the harmattan season.

What season are you experiencing right now? What do you like about it?


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