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Blogmas D’6; I tried Buldak Spicy Chicken Noodles

Ho Ho Ho Yorobun!

So I didn’t know that they sell ramen in Nigeria! I know we have a korean restaurant here in Lagos but I didn’t know they sold ramen at our local stores. They actually don’t but a lot of foreigners and tourists live in Victoria Island which is where I worked but that didn’t stop me from being surprised to see Spicy cup noodles at the store

I got the spicy chicken noodles

Mostly because I’ve seen BTS, mostly Jimin eat it multiple times

I know you probably don’t care how it’s made but it’s super simple.

All you need to do is add hot water to the noodles, just right above the noodles. There’s a marked line so you don’t need to worry.

Cover the noodles for about 3-4mins, you could just make it 5. After, you sieve the water out using the 3 marked triangles on the lid of the cup.

Then add in the two spices that came with it

Mix it all together and your meal is ready!!! It’s literally the easiest thing ever.

My thoughts~

First of all, it had the perfect amount of pepper which I loveeeee! It wasn’t too spicy actually.

I really enjoyed it but the amount is too small🥺 I wish it was more. Maybe I should write a petition.

I love the little veggies they put in the spices. I love the size of the cup, very handy.

I can’t wait to eat it again!

What new food have you tried this Christmas or have you tried recently? Have you tried cup noodles? What were your thoughts on them?


14 replies on “Blogmas D’6; I tried Buldak Spicy Chicken Noodles”

Ramen is sold nearly everywhere in South Africa but I haven’t tasted it yet. I’ve tasted break every type of noodles except ramen. A friend of mine actually sent me a picture of this exact one that you had and I wanna try it so bad😭
Anyway, they should add more noodles. It really is too little.
Oh and I’m totally with you on the petition idea😉🖐🏻

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