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Yellow Hearts by Ant Saunders & Audrey Mike| Palette by IU| Sinner by Adekunle Gold

Welcome back to the partyyyyy🤩🤩

Today I’ll be reacting to songs by IU😍, Ant Saunders and Audrey Mike and Adekunle Gold.

I actually like IU. I’ve only heard one of her songs, Eight ft. SUGA and I love it so so much. I’ve also seen her in a movie and from clips I see on YT, she seems like an absolute sweetheart 🥺 so I’m excited to listen to her song.

Adekunle Gold is a Nigerian so I’m wondering why Sabrina would think I haven’t heard this song 🤓 but I actually have not so it’s fine💀

I’ve neither heard of Ant Saunders nor Audrey Mike but they sound like they would give the same vibe as Alec Benjamin. He is one of my favorite artists ✨

Yellow Hearts by Ant Saunders and Audrey Mika


Awwwnnn this is sweet✨

The girl’s voice is so nice.

There’s really not much to see in the music video but the song is okay. I really like their voices together, they blend really well.

I love the ending! It’s good✨

I’m giving it a 6/10 cause as you can clearly tell, there’s not much I have to say about it but that the girl’s voice is lovely.

Palette by IU


IU is so prettyyyy! Really, she’s so beautiful

Her voice is beautifullll. I mean I knew that from Eight but I’m saying it again cause it is.

Ahh palette! Oh I understand now✨ love how Koreans can write songs on literally everything (smooth like butter😂).

Awwnn, she’s actually 25 yeah? Yes gurl, you are truly fine! Love it love it!

I’ve heard of G-Dragon, don’t know any of his songs though.

I love when he said, “You’re not a child, you’re not a grownup, you’re just you”. Some of us are always being scolded for acting childish or we feel pressured to behave mature as we grow older instead of us to just live life and enjoy ourselves.

So I love that

The song is very very beautiful. I love it. I’m giving it a 10/10! Thank you Lili for recommending this song! Also, happy birthday to Liliiii, everyone make sure to go check out her blog and show her some love🤍

Sinner by Adekunle Gold

Simi and Adekunle are so cuteee! I love them

I’ve actually heard this song before but just once and I really like it.

I actually really like this song a lot and the music video is cute.

Adekunle is actually one of my favorite Nigerian artists, I’ve always enjoyed his songs so I’m giving this an 8/10!

Thank you Sabrina for recommending this song! I loved it!

These are the songs I reacted to today! I hope you enjoyed my reaction! My favorite out of the three is “Palette by IU”.

Have you heard any of these songs? What do you think about them? See you very soon!


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