Adjusting To Life Changes

Most of you know my baby, Bruno. He’s a 4 year old German shepherd. He’s been with us since he was a little puppy! He’s always been the centre of our love and attention.

Recently, we got a new puppy. She’s a baoba

I remember the night we brought her in. Bruno was furious. He was really angry, like “who is this and why are you in my territory?”. We had to lock her in all through the night cause we thought that Bruno would try to hurt her😂

At first, Bruno didn’t like her at all. He was always running away from her, barking at her, refusing to play with her but eventually, he softened. He probably figured that he had to get used to having another dog in his compound.

Now, they go around together, run up to us tomorrow, they play together. I’m not sure Bruno is completely used to her yet but at least he’s barking at her whenever she goes up to him anymore.

This whole ordeal had me thinking of how alike humans and dogs are. It’s never easy to adjust to changes immediately. If it’s a new job, a new friend in your group, a new neighbor, a new environment, no matter how sociable you are, it’s never easy.

Especially if it’s a HUGE change that you can’t avoid.

I for one, am terrible at adjusting to things. Once I get used to something, it’s very hard to just change and that cuts across to everything I do. At home, I have the cutleries I always go for, that one knife I always use to chop, that one bag I always go out with, those set of shoes you’d always see me with, I hate changing dorms in school, recently I let my sister choose the nicer room cause I’m too used to the one I’m in.

So it’s extra hard for me to accept an avoidable change but just like Bruno, I need to realize that “most” of these changes are good for me. Making new friends, going to new places, picking a new dorm, getting a new job, trying new bags and shoes, it’s good for me so I shouldn’t be afraid to make changes and adjust to them.

Are you also the type that finds it hard to accept changes? When have you ever found it hard to accept a new change in your life? Was it fun? Tell me!

4 replies on “Adjusting To Life Changes”

Heeeyyy ib!! I’m back!! Happy to hear from you. And baoba is such a sweet name. Changes can be quite frightening and believe me, the results are always worth it ♥
Whatever happens, I’ll be always rooting for you!! 😊


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