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My Experience Working At A Real Estate Firm…

Hey guys

I feel like I’ve suddenly become invisible in the blogosphere and none of you really see my posts anymore but that’s my fault for taking an unannounced break for 2 months and not being consistent so I get it..but like I promised, I’ll try to be more consistent moving forward. Bring back the 2020 Ib!

Anyways, most of you already know I’ve been working. I made a post about my lifestyle changes since I started working. I want to give a shout-out to Moksha for her lovely words of encouragement and tips. Thank you so much, I really appreciated it🤍

So I work at a Real Estate firm. For those who do not know, Real Estate/Estate management is a profession that deals with sale and lease of lands, buildings, etc. We’re like the middlemen between someone who wants to sell their property and the buyer, that’s majorly under agency. We also deal with stuff like valuations, facility and property management, there’s a whole lot of stuff involved in real estate but I’m majorly focusing on agency.

If my client wants to buy a 3 bedroom duplex, my job is to find a 3 bedroom duplex that will suit my client’s taste and also fit their budget, make sure the property titles are accurate and the transfer of property documents go smoothly. Like I said, middleman between the buyer and the seller.

I think the hardest part for me when I just began working was having to call random strangers and have an actual conversation with them cause I’ve never been the type that likes calls so that was TOUGH. It’s been 2 months so I’m kind of used to it now. I still don’t like it but I do it anyways.

One of my favorite part of the job is going for inspections. This is when you and your clients check out the properties you selected that fitted your client’s budget. So we physically check if the places are up to their taste. It’s sometimes stressful going around but it’s still better than sitting in the office.

All in all, my experience is kind of fun. Some of the staff aren’t nice to work with but most of them are very welcoming.

I guess it’s nice.

Where do you work and what do you do? What’s your favorite and worst part of your job? Do you enjoy your work or you have a dream job you haven’t fulfilled yet?


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This was cool to read! Glad you enjoy your job for the most part 😊 I work at a fast food restaurant! I love the variety of job positions (especially making drinks, bagging food, taking orders, and organizing stock), and what’s not fun is when it gets too repetitive at points. I do love my job because I enjoy the work and most of my coworkers, which I’m so thankful for! 🥰

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Omg I’ve always wondered what it’s like working at a restaurant! Do you get free food?
Oh yeah I also do not like when things get repetitive. You could just look for tiny ways to spice up your day so it doesn’t seem the same as the day before.
I’m happy you enjoy it!

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It’s a lot of fun! I like interacting with everyone, and it’s always rewarding to give people their food, since they’re excited to eat it 😍👏 Yes I get free break food! I can pick any entree and medium side I want, or a full size salad.
Yes definitely! Little differences help a lot 😊 Thanks, me too!

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Omg luckyyyy. My biggest problem since I started working is my lunch cause the restaurants around my office are really expensive and I always leave the house early so I usually can’t even make breakfast sometimes. It’s my biggest struggle right now😭sometimes I just go fck it! And buy it anyways #yolo🤩

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Aw maaan, that stinks!! Yeah my mom has to plan her break food every time she goes to work, because the food at the store and nearby restaurants is pricy 😬 yeah haha! I love getting extra food after work sometimes 🤣👏

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