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How I learn Korean pt.1

Hey everyoneeee!

The long awaited post is hereee🤩🤩🤩 finally finallyyyy. I wanted to take my time to do this because I really want this to be very helpful to whoever is concerned so I’m trying to be as detailed as I can. Thank you for being patient!

This post would be divided into series as this is still progressive and I want to be able to share as much knowledge as possible.

Now let’s begin✨ 시작하겠습니다!

Firstly, why did I choose to study Korean?

You might be surprised but I didn’t choose to learn Korean because of BTS. Actually, BTS was the least of the reasons I decided to learn Korean.

For months, I was thinking about a language I could learn because I missed the exhilarating feeling of learning something new and I also love multilingual people so that was a major push.

I thought about German, Spanish, Hindi and Korean. I was taught French in Primary and first half of secondary school so I still have the basic knowledge on that. Looking at the options I had, Korean seemed the best pick since I already knew basic words like Jongmal (정말), Annyeong (안녕), Saranghae (사랑해), Galkkeyo (갈게요) and many others, from watching Kdramas. I hardly watch German, Spanish or Indian films which is why Korean seemed the most appealing to me.

Now that we’ve established why I’m learning Korean, let’s get into the reason why you clicked this link which is how I learn said Korean.

Before you learn Korean, you have to learn to read and write Hangul. Hangul is the alphabet system Koreans use in writing their words. Jumping straight into trying to translate Korean words is no good. It’s like catching fish with a net that has large holes (don’t ask me how that correlated), you think you’ve got it but it’s going to slip out of your mind in days because there’s no foundation to that knowledge. You only know how it’s pronounced and what it means in English and that’s the farthest you can go if you’re studying using romanized Korean.

Example: The weather is so nice.

Romanized Korean: nalssiga nomu joayo

Hangul written: 날씨가 너무 좋아요.

The foundation to learning Korean is learning Hangul. If you can read and write Hangul, you’ll be able to read and write literally every Korean word and its easier to learn that way because now you know what you’re reading and it’s not just a bunch of strokes lined up against each other.

This is the end of the first part of this series. I hope you enjoyed it and you’re anticipating the second part! There, I will be going into details about the online materials and sites I use to learn Korean.

See ya!🤍


17 replies on “How I learn Korean pt.1”

Same! Everyone thinks we learn Korean for BTS, but that’s not it for me either. I chose it because it had a different script (Since I already speak like 4 languages 😂👍 with different scripts etc etc)
But I eventually gave up 😫😪 Hopefully this series will motivate to begin after my exams get over!
Plus I love your dividers and signoff! It matches your blog very well!

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Are you serious? Omgggg I want to be like you🥺. I can speak 3, Korean included. Ah you gave up? Why🥺
I hope so tooo
Awwnn you noticedddd, thank youu💜💜


Ohh🥺 I think that’s just what you’re telling yourself though. Yes it’s a bit tough at the beginning but once you get the basics, it becomes easier and even if you forget what you learn, you can go back to revise it before going forward. That’s the fun of learning and especially as this is something you’ve never had experience with. I hope you don’t give up🥺💜

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I might learn Hindi too since I have lots of Indian friends now and most of them speak Hindi😂😂
I’ve checked your site and I think it might be useful for me. Thanks for commenting!🤍


Same here! People think we ARMYs learn Korean because of BTS but they only are not the reason for so many of us. Korean is a beautiful language and I decided to learn it because I was also searching for a new language to learn when I had plenty of time in the lockdown and I don’t know how I had already learned hangul just by trying to understand the Korean written lyrics in K-pop performances. There are many other reasons too but I especially like it because of our similar culture, you know Indian and Korean. And yes, you said you are interested in Hindi, right? If you ever want to ask anything related, I’m here for you. I’m so happy that you have my mother tongue in your list.

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I’ll probably learn Hindi next!
Exactlyyy Korean is very beautiful and interesting. Oh yesss, the lyrics from the songs helped a lot! I was going to talk about that in my next post. Of course, you’ll be my first stop💜😌

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