I need to…I need to….

First of all, WTF was that bomb?!?!?!

I don’t know what to do right now

I’m literally writing this post like in the heat, like I just watched the teaser probably for the 20th time and immediately came on here cause I have to say how I feel or I would implode!

I thought I was ready, guys. I really thought I had prepared myself but it was all a lie! Once I clicked that video, I screamed! The tears were pouring cause I was overwhelmed 😂. I WASN’T EXPECTING THAT!

I’m not uploading the video here cause y’all need to go see it for yourselves!

Click here to see the Teaser

My eyes first went to Hobi cause he’s in the middle. Is it just me that has never seen a complete hair slicked back Hobi, like I’ve seen side slick but the entire hair slicked to the back? I haven’t! Or maybe I have but not just in black and white or the heat of the moment got to me😂. He looks so freaking good!😭😭😭

Jungkook looks like WOW! THE MULLET! THE MULLETTTTT!!!

To be honest, I don’t even know if I should call this a reaction post cause I don’t even know how to react to this. All my brain is thinking right now is


So help me I make it to Friday, I don’t know if I would make it after the MV. This comeback is no joke. No one’s playing!


What in heaven’s name is the concept of this song?!?!

At first we were like “ouuuu butterr yellowww it’s a fun song”. Then concept clips came and we said, “Maybe it’s like a college party kinda vibe”. Then individual teasers screamed, “nahhh it’s gender fluidity” and now we seeing “rock star SOPE”. I am just overwhelmed right now!

Let’s stop guessing till Friday, okay?

Honey, I do not blame you😭
What to do with Kim Seokjin?🤲🏽
Like the nerve of BH to think they could put this out and everyone would be alright. Do they realize it’s only Armys they have? And they still trying to kill us?!
Right, Jungkook said imma tease Armys in this teaser…this is illegal! Jungkook been having too much pride lately. Someone needs to stop him!
Hunnay, I’m calling a psychiatrist!

I’m just going to end here if not I’ll keep mumbling about Namjoon and Jungkook’s shirts.

Your girl has to go prepare herself for Friday.

Even though I doubt I’ll ever be prepared for anything BTS puts out🤲🏽

Anyways besties! What were your thoughts on the teaser? Who is currently wrecking your bias?😭. Let’s cry together!


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