I feel like I’ve been talking a lot about BTS for the past month but too much is happening to not talk! 😩

First of all, I’d like to put out a warning that if my words don’t make sense, know that it is because your girl has not had a proper night rest since Thursday, thanks to BTS😂.

Butter dropped 5am on Friday for me and cause I was so excited, I could barely sleep. I was up all night streaming Spotify playlists, playing Rhythm Hive and just generally preparing myself for the bomb BTS was going to drop. Well at least I thought I was preparing myself but let me tell you,

Your girl was ANYTHING but prepared!

At 4:46, I joined the premiere live. It was so so cute, the countdown and everything. Everything was jolly till the BigHit Music intro played and JK just waltzed in looking like some sorta ethereal being.

Long story cut short, I was not prepared! AT ALL!

I cried for like 5 hours after Butter dropped😂. It’s so amazing! Everything, the visuals, the lyrics, the elevator solo dance, the rap, YOONGI WITH THE GREY HIGHLIGHTS 😭, the ARMY formation

I don’t know how they expected us to handle all that put in 3 minutes!😭😭😭

But we had to survive so we could continue streaming and also for the Vlive!

Fan Twitter was so motivating and happy, like if you’re an ARMY on Twitter, you probably understand what I’m saying. Like there was some kind of adrenaline on Twitter yesterday that was so amazing to be a part of. Like even when YT deleted 10M+ views, ARMYs still kept encouraging each other. It was so beautiful! Eeeeeeeeeeqqqqq love you besties!

And we did it!

Congratulations to our Bangtan Papis!!! We love youuuuu!!! And thank you for always thinking of us, we won’t stop thinking of you!

ARMYs were able to beat most if not all (I’m not sure) of the goals we planned and that makes me so happyyyyyyyy but also so scared like are we going to try to beat this record next comeback?

We in for something 😂.

Of course, we got our Vlive😌. Didn’t understand 90% of what was going on (my Hangul is still in nursery level) but I still watched it anyway because I love hearing them laugh and seeing them happy. I’m currently obsessed with Taehyung’s hair.

Hair is a big thing for me. Like the first thing I notice in someone is their hair and that probably contributes to my love for BTS, BTS hasn’t had a bad hair day since well…you know. I love their hair so muchhh! I love Tae’s the most, especially when it’s rough and curly!

In the Soop Taehyung is my healing space.

After the Vlive, promotion videos started flooding in and I’m going to be honest with y’all, my favorite was the Press Conference cause the host and the reporters did an amazing job in asking the right questions and making our Papis feel comfortable.

I don’t know if it’s just me but there’s some sort of awkward air in American interviews. And then all of them asking the same questions without doing research.

Tetris for Billboard, I think did really good apart from the awkward ending when he said, “I purple you” and BTS for the first 5 secs were like 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

The lady from 102.7KIISFM, I’m sorry to say, had me cringed. She was hyping up butter so much and Namjoon asks, “What’s your favorite part?” And she just awkwardly laughs and says “Literally 20 seconds in, i was already blah blah blah”. 20 seconds in? That’s the BigHit Music intro and the intro beat! That’s your favorite part?

Namjoon’s sarcastic laugh and said, “of course”. I was actually upset!

Y’all want to interview them so you get views then at least do the bare minimum of actually listening to the song. The host of the Press Conference even sang some lines, talked about the ARMY formation, that’s what it should be like… ugh!

The Press conference was so interesting talking about Suga’s shoulder, the ARMY formation, influence of the pandemic on their music, like actually stuff we want to hear and they want to talk about.

Meanwhile American interviewers, “What’s your favorite food to eat with butter” “what’s your favorite line in butter” “who’s your dream collaboration”

Come on!

The one that pisses me the most is, “Any new album coming up?” Or “Are you working on an album?” Like excuse me? What happened to BTS: THE BEST!

Literally everyone knows BTS: THE BEST is dropping sometime next month like why has no interviewer mentioned it? Do they even do research at all?

I’m so done and I’m sure Namjoon and the guys are too and I’m so happy they’re not even answering the album related questions. If y’all don’t know, we won’t tell you.

To be honest with you, these people need to get ARMYs to interview BTS cause only the people who really know them will know actual important questions to ask not, “What’s your favorite food to eat with butter?”

Plus they want to see and interact with ARMYs cause they haven’t seen in a long while, any show that is smart would get an ARMY to come on the show. These interviewers are making me so bored. Even the guys are bored. Y’all just watch Hobi and Jin in the interviews, their spirits aren’t even present 😂

Anyways, I just thought I’d come on here and rant a bit about BUTTER BUTTER BUTTER !

Once again, congratulations to my Bangtan Papis and a big thank you to ARMYs.

보라해! Borahae!💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

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