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Is it just me or like 2020 is so weird?😩

First it was like, “This year is taking forever!” And now that I’m starting to kind of enjoy the year, everything’s going at the speed of light! Literally 3 more weeks to 2021! Like how did we get here?!

Anyways, it’s Day 2 of the BLOGMAS! And I’m excited for this post cause first of all, I love surprising people! It makes me super happy!!! And that’s what we’re doing today!


You can already probably guess what we’re doing already but yes, I’m doing free brand promotions for two people and I don’t know who they are. (I’m crazy, I know)

So I asked two of my friends if they knew someone really nice and super dedicated to their brands, someone who works really hard doing what they love, you know, someone who would deserve a free brand promotion and they each told me one person. I specifically told them not to mention this to the owners so the surprise isn’t ruined so they’re going to be seeing this at the same time you guys will.

Initially, I was just going to pick two of my friends but then I thought deeply about it. The essence of my BLOGMAS is to kinda ignite the spirit of Christmas which is all about showing love, making people smile/laugh, giving without the intention of receiving etc and yeah, I could’ve done it for my friends but it’s different with strangers that I don’t know and won’t be expecting anything back from.

Plus, this would help with my advertisement skills! I’m studying real estate, meaning I should be able to know how to market stuff which I think I’m fairly good at so let’s see how I’m able to market two brands I know very little about.


She sells FASHION SNEAKERS! And trust me when I say, this isn’t a “What you ordered vs what you get”, these sneakers look genuinely look the exact way they look in the pictures. How do I know? Well her brother is her close friend of mine and I bought a pair of sneakers from her (indirectly), I think last year or early this year. Anyways truth be told, you get exactly what you order!

They are extremely comfortable, they look super dope and they’re of high quality! Plus you can pay on or before delivery.

CHRISTMAS SALES!!!: If you buy one pair of sneakers, you get a free pair of socks to go with it!

For all my supporters, yes! I do love sneakers and if you’re consider getting one for me then I want one from Bougainvillea Collections!

All jokes aside, the sneakers are really great…they look really great, in fact! So I suggest you patronize her if you want to enjoy a great Christmas! Click the link below to chat with her on WhatsApp! You do not want to miss out on this great sales.


SideNote: I suck at marketing. Oh God…


2020 has been a tough year for everyone, we all know that so honestly, we deserve to treat ourselves this final month of the year and what better way to treat yourself than food. (I feel like a serious marketer right now).

First of all, her presentation is dope! Clearly, she’s got like a nice vibe and it’s clear that she’s super organized. Don’t forget I have no absolute idea who she is, I just know she’s a she so I’m not like trying to be nice. I really love the way she advertised it. She makes yellow look dope!

This is so me right now 🤩

Okay on a serious note, even though you don’t like food then why don’t you surprise me? Let me know how much you want me alive to keep blogging cause if I continue to go through those specials without eating something, I’m going to die😞.

Anywaysssss, to get a taste of that, you can dm her on WhatsApp or on her Ig page which would be just right below this…


Instagram: chi_culinary

I honestly hope they both like it cause it’s obvious I suck at marketing😂😂😂. Anyways you guys should definitely check out Bougainvillea Collections and Chi’s Culinary!

And that concludes Day 2 of the BLOGMAS! I hope you liked it and you’re excited for the remaining 10 days to come, cause I am. I’m also really excited cause the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF IT’S IB is super close! I’ve hit a huge milestone and I’m just so proud of where this blog is right now and I can’t wait to treat myself on that day! Don’t worry, I’ll tell you when it’s close😂

Don’t forget to share the link, comment down below or just dm me any idea you think I should try for my BLOGMAS and if it’s better than mine then I’ll probably substitute it! And for the umpteenth time this month, thank you so much to all of you who have been so so supportive!

Love you so much!❤️

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂

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