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Love (Sweet Love) by Little Mix | The Feels by Twice

Happy New Month! Welcome to the month of November✨ I’m grateful for everyone of you, that you made it to the 11th month of 2021! I hope this month goes very smoothly and lovely for us🤍

If you read my last post, you probably already know that this month, I will mostly be reacting to the many songs that you recommended. I thought I would be able to do it all in 2-3 posts but you recommended 30+ songs! I wasn’t expecting that😂. Thank you!

I’m new to most of the artists you recommended so I can’t be biased even if I wanted to. What you’re going to read here will be my honest reaction😌. I hope you enjoy!

Let’s get it???

I got a mix of Kpop, pop and even one Indian song so I’m going to try to mix them to make it more interesting. From the title of this post, you already know the songs I’ll be reacting to today! So let’s begin✨

Love (Sweet Love) by Little Mix

Ouuuuu, there’s a story? I see 5 men, hmmm

Okay woah, was not expecting the sharp intro😂. Leigh Anne is so pretty! I’m not really a fan of Little Mix but I do enjoy their songs. I’ve always liked Leigh, she’s the only person I bothered to know her name.

Omg, two of them are pregnant??? Wow, that’s beautiful! I love when women don’t let pregnancy hold them down 🤍.

Ayyyyyy Imma give me some love sweet love🤩

I love the lyrics! I love it!

Nah, this song is amazingggg!

“I be spending time on everybody else, it’s time I did it for me!” Yurrrr! Love🤩

I give this song 10/10 cause it’s so good! I really enjoyed it✨

The Feels by Twice

I’ve never intently heard a song by Twice before so I don’t know if I should have high hopes but let’s see shall we?

Oh the song’s in English? Why do they look so cute😂? Are they 8 or 9? I keep getting confused…

They’re 8 here, anyways

So the song’s prom themed? Hmmm

Not this girl using a shoe as her phone😂

The song is giving me party vibes which I like. The song is very bubbly and exciting and I very much enjoyed the music video✨

I’m gonna give the song an 8/10 because this is my first Twice song and I wasn’t exactly wowed. The song is in English which is super impressive but there was nothing that blew my mind or had me shook. I don’t know if you understand what I’m saying 🧍🏽‍♀️

Thank you Lili, for recommending this song!

I really enjoyed the songs I listened to today! I picked two girl groups, did you notice?😂

Have you listened to any or both of these songs? What are your thoughts on them? It’s also a new month so should we talk about what our month’s going to be like?

Happy November! 🤍


13 replies on “Love (Sweet Love) by Little Mix | The Feels by Twice”

I listened to the little mix song solely because of your.. interesting review😂 and i wasn’t disappointed!! not a fan of them either but the lyrics are empowering.
looking forward to other reviews !!

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You’ve never listened to a Twice song? 🥺🥺 And there’s nine of them, one of them is on a hiatus but she shot some parts of the mv
I’ll have to give the first song a listen 😍 glad you liked ‘The Feels’!!

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