아미 여러분 안녕!!!

Hello ARMYs!!!💜

So as we know, BTS’s comeback is literally on Friday. Like it’s so close, I literally can’t believe it!

Your girl has been preparing her mind for this song. My mental state, my heart, my lungs too, been getting all of them ready cause shit’s about to go UP!

I don’t even know what to do with my brain at this point. The second group teaser literally dropped today and I’m just in awe. Like this era is CRAZY! We got my bias in Rainbow hair😭, purple JK from absolutely nowhere!😩, Blonde Hobi just wrecking my entire life

You know when someone stabs you in the heart and then takes care of your wounds, that’s what BTS does it to me😭😭😭

But I’m alright, I’m fine

Anywaysssss, like I said, this era is going to be CRAZY! So we have to be ready!

Now that I’m done with blabbering, back to the reason I’m writing this post😂

So I’ve been seeing some of y’all on Twitter talking about Lil Nas and I think Olivia Rodrigo dropping songs on the same day as Butter. Some of y’all are like we should be worried, this is a competition, why are they dropping on the same day blah blah blah and I’ve come to say:

Y’all are worrying about the wrong things!

Instead, worry about your brain and whether it is going to be able to handle “THE BUTTER”. That’s what you should be worrying about.

Look, it’s not our business who’s dropping what and when. Our business is BTS and making sure we get them the promotions they need and also show all our support to Butter. Yeah, we’ve got our goals for butter which I’m certain we’re going to reach so focus on that! Focus on streaming butter and showing it all the love.

Goals for BUTTER 🧈!

To be honest, we shouldn’t even have time to be worrying about anyone else cause I think we’ve got a lot on our plates right now with the iHeart Awards, the BBMAs, BTS’s comeback like bruhhhhhh there’s no time to be competing😂

And also, let’s not forget to have fun. Stream all you want but have fun while streaming cause at the end of the day, BTS isn’t looking for streaming goals or competitions. What matters to them is that we love and enjoy whatever they give us.

I really CANNOT WAIT for Friday! I’m so excited!

I should do a reaction post…maybe, maybe not. Y’all can tell me if you want that or not in the comments section.

Also, I’ll be putting up polls of blog ideas on my fan account so y’all can follow me there and participate.

Don’t forget, no competition, make sure you prepare your mind for what’s about to drop and have fun. Love you besties, Borahae💜

Twitter fan account: @Armybestiess


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