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Hey everyoneeee! First of all, peek the cute image Pavithra made for our collab! I’m not that good at editing 😂. The image is so cuteeeee, I can’t get over it🥺 If you can’t tell, I’m very very excited for this post! Infact, I’m always excited about anything that involves BTS and ARMY🤩. Today, one […]


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DISSECTING D-2: Daechwita

Heyyy!!! I’m back with another D-2 review! But first of all, did y’all watch BTS’s cover of I’ll be missing you (Puff Daddy, Faith Evans and Sting Cover) on BBC Radio Live Lounge??? It was amazing! I cried! It’s so beautiful🥺 their vocals, emotions, everything! They did so well covering the song, I’m really proud […]

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Seven Men and their Deeds✨

Heyyy everyoneee! Today I am very very excited to share this post with you! I think y’all will be truly blown away by our guest today. She is amazingggggggg She will be sharing with us a beautiful piece that she wrote titled, “Seven Men and their deeds”. I’m so honored to be able to share […]

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A Day In My Life🌟

Hey everyoneee! It’s me, Ib✨ So I’m doing a day in my life blog post. I don’t know why I haven’t thought of doing this before but here it is now. I’m writing this blog as the day goes on. I hope you enjoy my boring day😂. As at this moment, I have no idea […]

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너무 감사합니다 방탄소년단 그리고 아미

I’m currently listening to 2!3!, feeling so overwhelmed as I write this post. A lot has happened since Muster SOWOOZOO, Butter No.1 for 7 weeks on Billboard, PTD debut, Jimmy Fallon and so much more. A lot happens in this fandom that sometimes it gets overwhelming and you just need to clock out but I’ve […]

#blogging Blog Series BTSARMY Dissecting D-2 For BTSARMY ONLY Music Review

DISSECTING D-2: Moonlight

Hey hey heyyyyyy! Back with another Dissecting D-2 post! We’ve done just People and Dear My Friend, today’s Moonlight. I know some ARMYs are like, “why haven’t you done the main songs yet?”. I’ll leave that to my surprise guest😗. It was supposed to be a surprise. I literally don’t know how to keep my […]

#blogging Blog Series BTSARMY Dissecting D-2 For BTSARMY ONLY Music Review

DISSECTING D-2: Dear My Friend

Hey everyoneee! I’m very excited to be continuing this series. I got a lot of feedback on the first post and even people said they would go listen to the mixtape which makes me very happy. Yoongi darling, you’re always welcome, it’s no biggie, just keep smiling, that’s enough for me. So today we will […]

Blog Series BTSARMY Dissecting D-2 For BTSARMY ONLY Music Review

Dissecting D-2 : People

Hey everyoneee✨ Today, we will be starting a new series of posts where we will be dissecting my favorite mixtape “D-2”. Mostly because I think the songs have such deep and beautiful/dark meanings in them that I think everyone should hear but also because it holds a special place in my heart and I just […]

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I know I said this is supposed to be the Milestone week BUT! I literally could not unsee this! What is this world turning into, I’m sorry??? What is TRANSRACIAL??? How does one change their race? I’m so confused If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then let me break it down for you […]


ARMY PLUG: @btaniegiveaways

Hey everyoneeee! It’s been a minute🤭 How is everyone doing? I really hope everyone is healthy and happy and in a good place, if not the best. For me, I’m currently still going through post concert depression from the 2-day Muster SOWOOZOO. I cannot seem to get Daechwita Hobi and CNS Jimin out of my […]