• AMOSL #12: What Do You Love The Most About Yourself?

    It’s another Wednesday and you know what that means, it’s A Moment Of Self Love! The question for today is: What do you love the most about yourself? Take a moment to really reflect before answering this question. I love my voice/diction I love the way my voice sounds 😂 Most of the compliments I’ve…

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  • YOUR VIEW 2.0

    Hiii everyone! Happy Monday! We’re launching another edition of the “YOUR VIEW” series!! I’m excited!! In 2020/2021, I used to have guests on the blog once or twice a month to discuss a wide range of topics ranging from the necessity of sex education to what cultural appropriation really is. I miss making this type…

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  • 3 Benefits Of Waking Up Early

    I usually would not refer to myself as a morning person but I’ve found that my mornings have become bearable since I started waking up early. I know it sounds ironic but it’s true! I used to be the type of person that would wake up an hour and 30mins before class so even if…

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  • AMOSL #11

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  • Individual Truths

    I think it’s really interesting how two humans can look at an object but never actually see the same thing. The difference lies in our experiences, culture, upbringing, knowledge and even our friends and family. If someone is handing out free samples, one person sees it as an opportunity to get more free stuff while…

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  • Firsts And Seconds

    Firsts And Seconds

    I was brushing my teeth and I had a really random thought which birthed this post. Basically there are processes in this day to day lives that we generally agree are set in stone. Like you need to start and warm the car first before driving it, you should put ice before putting water yadi…

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  • 5 Songs That Channel My Feminine Energy

    While I was trying to research what exactly “channeling the feminine energy means”, I realized that there is no standard meaning to it and everyone has a perception of what feminine energy means and how to channel it. I’ve got mine too. Channeling your feminine energy means being in tune with YOU; who you are,…

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  • February Review

    February Review

    February was very very busy, to say the least. School is officially in session which meant back to back classes and assignments. I was also invested in other stuff. My last semester’s results are out and they’re not as good as I expected but my parents are happy with it so that’s fine. I got…

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  • Quotes From “The Midnight Library” by Matt Haig

    I thought of doing a book review and just moving on with it but one, I’m not so sure I’ll do great at giving the kind of review that this book deserves and two, it feels wrong not to share the things that I was able to learn from this book because I feel like…

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  • AMOSL #9

    Happy New Month everyone! Let’s have a magnificent March!🫶🏽

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