3 Benefits Of Waking Up Early

I usually would not refer to myself as a morning person but I’ve found that my mornings have become bearable since I started waking up early. I know it sounds ironic but it’s true!

I used to be the type of person that would wake up an hour and 30mins before class so even if my class was by 12 noon, I’d be getting up at 10 and I would always still feel grumpy while getting ready for the day.

One of the things I challenged myself into starting this year is “having a set morning routine”. At the beginning of year I was failing miserably at this challenge and I kept wondering why. “It’s not like I don’t want to do these things, I just don’t have enough time to do them!”. That’s when I realized that I wasn’t giving myself enough time in the mornings to follow up with my routine. I obviously can’t push my classes or other engagements forward. The only control I have is setting the time I wake up. That’s when I remembered the quote,

“Don’t complain the things you can’t control. Change the things you can”

So I decided that start waking up by 7am. It doesn’t matter what day it is, what time my first class was or if I didn’t have class at all, if I slept late the night before, I would wake up at 7am and these are the benefits I’ve experienced since I became consistent in this habit.

☁️ Better Sleep Schedule

Since I’ve become mindfully aware that my day begins at 7, naturally, I try to go to bed earlier which has really improved my sleep schedule. Anytime I find myself staying up late, I remind myself that I have to be up early which means I have to close that book or close Tiktok or tell my friend that i need to go to bed.

Of course this requires determination and self-control cause on some days I just really want to finish one more episode! 😫

☁️ Mentally Prepares You Ahead Of The Day

I think waking up early has definitely improved my mental health in several ways than one. When I wake up early, I don’t feel like I’m rushing into the day, you know what I mean?

There are people that because they wake up late, they have to rush to make their bed, rush in the shower, rush breakfast or even skip it entirely, rush to work/class, like they’re just constantly in a rush all because they woke up late.

I have time to breath, do things slowly and calmly, not jump out of bed, prepare coffee or tea and like mentally prepare for my day.

☁️ You Get To Do More Things During The Day

When people are like, “Omg today was so short I barely got to do anything”. No gurl, you just didn’t have the time to do them.

Because I wake up early, I have time to do morning devotions, listen to some gospel music, read two or three pages from the book I’m reading, journal, prepare coffee, have breakfast, stretch, listen to music while getting ready, walk to class, etc, things that I never got the privilege of doing when I used to wake up late.

Now, at the end of the day I feel fulfilled.

Those are the benefits I’ve had since I became an early morning gurl and trust me, it’s never easy at the beginning especially as someone who isn’t usually a morning person but you ease into it eventually….with consistency.

Do you consider yourself a morning person or night person?


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