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February Review

February was very very busy, to say the least. School is officially in session which meant back to back classes and assignments. I was also invested in other stuff.

My last semester’s results are out and they’re not as good as I expected but my parents are happy with it so that’s fine.

I got to vote for this first time ever and I finally felt like an adult. Also, did my first feature of the year! I interviewed Angie Adisa purrr

Snapshots of the month

Nails of the month
Journal time!
Treating myself
My university’s very dead museum. We weren’t allowed to take pictures
Pretty moon 🌙
My date at Huahan Korean Restaurant
A lil piece that captivated me while I was reading
The weather was very cranky mid February. We experienced crazy harmattan. Look at how foggy it was, I could barely see the ship sailing on water

Lesson learnt this month

The feeling of regret is very useless. There’s no point regretting an action just because the result didn’t turn out the way you wished. It’s done and it’s in the past. You have no control over it anymore but you can change your present.

Random story of the month

This story is funny now that I think about it but at the time, it wasn’t.

So this faithful Monday, we were supposed to have an online zoom class with this lecturer by 12. Mind you, we’ve always had physical classes so this was out of the blue. Anyways, so after our 10-12 class, my friend and I went back to our room. We had taken off our clothes, getting ready to plop in bed.

Then a message on my class gc comes in and someone is like, “The lecturer is in class” and another person is like, “The lecturer is waiting”. I don’t know if it’s because we’ve always had physical classes with this lecturer or we were just very slow at that point, but we thought they meant the lecturer was IN CLASS. So we literally raced back to our faculty only to find out that they meant he was in the “zoom meeting”.

Bruh, we felt so stupid and very heartbroken as we took a cab back to our hostel cause we were too tired to even walk.

Songs I loved

Lucky Girl by Carlina

Ceilings by Lizzy McAlpine

Sugar Rush Ride by Tomorrow x Together

Shows I watched

• Law School

Genre: Legal drama


Books I read

Midnight Library by Matt Haig

Genre: Fantasy fiction, Science fiction, Philosophical fiction


February was a bit underwhelming and super busy but it was good. I’m looking forward to March though!

I’m home right now because elections are on so I can finally spend time with my siblings and be away from school drama for a short while so I guess things are looking up.

Also, thank you so much for 426 followers! I had no idea I had gotten past 400 already. Thank you so much for your support and your comments, y’all are the reason I keep doing this. Love you all! 🤍

How was your February? How’s my review?


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