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Y’all thought I forgot about Black History Month?? SIKE!

Black History Month is super important to me and I feel like it’s still not being taken as seriously as it ought to be cause there is a very good percentage of Black people that still do not know their history. How are we supposed to then enlighten others on what we don’t know?

Anyways, we’ll be alright.

TODAY, I have a very special guest on my blog. I haven’t featured anyone on the blog in a while so I’m very happy about today’s post. Super excited.

To commemorate this special month, I decided to reach out to one of my favorite Black creators, Angie Adisa. I’m stoked that she agreed and I’m sure you guys would love her!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? What you do, your favorite color. I’m guessing it’s purple?

Ok, so I am Nigerian (born and raised), but I stay in the US, about to be big 2 – 0, but I know I still look tender, like a kid. 

Favorite color? Guess from my room …..purple, nah, it’s actually black, it’s so basic but also versatile.

True, my favorite color is purple but black comes next cause you can pull off any outfit with it. Speaking of pulling off outfits, is fashion something you’ve always been into since you were young or you suddenly gained interest as you grew older?

Fashion has always been my passion, my parents knew me as an “ologe” as a kid- (fashionista in Yoruba, I guess) so it’s something I’ve always loved and will continue to love.

My aunt calls me “oloyinbo” cause I can speak and write English really well😂. I think it’s interesting how we view these things as mundane when we were younger but as we grow we realize it’s something special that not everyone has.

Another interesting thing is how you know how to braid your hair yourself. It’s like a magic trick to me. How did you learn to do that?

“Man’s just a talented genius fam” lol…nah, I just used to be in the salon a lot as a kid, watching my sister’s hair get braided. I learned by constantly watching, and then I started to do family members’ hair before doing mine on my head.

I used to watch my sister’s hair get braided too though! I’m kidding

So far we’ve seen that there are several things about you that pique’s one’s interest but the thing about you that really stood out to me and probably most of your followers is your personality. You’re also not new to compliments on your personality. How would YOU describe yourself?

I would say my personality is reserved until comfortable. Until you really know me, you think I’m just a nice chill babe. I am a friendly person, and I just love to make people smile whenever I can. I also love to hype myself up.

No can you hype you better than yourself!

Going into content creation, what did you think would be your biggest strength or your strongest appeal?

I didn’t start social media showing my personality a lot. I just started by doing what other people were doing, and putting my personality a little. I definitely started thinking my personality would be my biggest appeal but it didn’t work for the first 4 – 5 years.

Did it turn out to be so?

Yes, it turned out to be so, but It was a very stressful journey trying to figure it all out.

Creating content can be fun but sometimes it can be tough and these tough moments are never really shown on screen, what’s a part of creating content behind the scenes that is never really talked about on social media?

The constant comparison, the content block, the freaking algorithm stressing you out, the rewards you don’t get even when you deserve it, the lack of a “rate guide” to know how to charge, the time you have to spend working without seeing any improvements in numbers, the number of years and time it takes to figure it out.

In honor of Black History Month, what advice would you give to other young black girls thinking of getting into any form of content creation?

It is not easy, but if you actually like it, one day you will reap it’s rewards.

Be consistent, Be yourself, and do your research.

This is just me being curious but, suya or kilishi?

Suya, it’s more versatile.

Spoken like a true Naija babe😍

Thank you so much for accepting to do this interview! You don’t know how happy I am that we made this happen. Keep shining, slaying and keep being the brown skin classy queen you are!

Thank you so much for the support as well and for considering me for this, you are making me feel like a mini celeb 🤭🤭🤭

And that concludes my interview with Miss Angie Adisa!

You should check out her Tiktok, she’ll win you over in one video. Also, check her out her Pinterest. Y’all know I’m a Pinterest girly myself

Thank you for reading! And happy Black History Month to us🖤🤎

Did you enjoy the interview? Are you also a fashion girly? Do you believe most of our interests stem from our childhood?



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