How To Create Vision Boards

I’ve spoken about Vision Boards a lot on my blog because it’s one of my favorite concepts ever but I didn’t realize it was that big of a deal for everyone else till one of my 2023 moodboards got a lot of attention on Pinterest

Of course, it’s nice to use other people’s board if it’s similar to the things you want but I never feel like the stuff on the board is truly mine. It’s almost like living in someone else’s dream or vision so I always make mine.

After considering this, I figured it would be a good idea to share how I create my vision boards in case anyone is interested.

Step 1: Write down your vision and goals

The first step to creating a vision board is writing out your vision. It’s like when they say a dream is half accomplished when you write it out. Taking it out of your brain onto the physical realm is the very first thing.

You have to exact about what you want on your board or you might end up just having a bunch of irrelevant images and it might make you confused.

While making my vision board of 2023, I began by writing out my goals for 2023

Step 2: Select your images

After writing out your vision or goals, then you pick pictures that reflect your visions in the best way possible. I use Pinterest to search for images because you can be specific on this app compared to using regular browsers.

Select pictures that really image your vision. If you dream of buying your first car, search for the exact car you want not just any car which means before creating your board, you have to know what YOU want which is why I don’t settle for boards made by others.

You can choose to go for a specific theme or just do whatever depending on your creative sense. I like to stick with a theme, like if I’m going for a dark theme then all the pictures I select will be in dark colors.

Here I was going for a brown and black theme

Step 3: Create Your Board

I use the Canva app to design my boards.

If I’m just making a regular board, then I click on the collage section and then select my choice. If I’m making one for my wallpaper, I click on the wallpaper section and then filter the options to show boards with images and collages so I can easily substitute the images on it with mine.

But if you really want to be creative, you can always start with a blank page and then add your pictures and texts in whatever manner you like.

Viola! Your own board is created!

What do you think? Will you give vision boards a try?


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