8 Must-Have Apps On My Phone

I think the phone is one of the best creations ever made. Personally, it has made my life so much easier. I don’t think I could survive a week without a phone or laptop.

There are certain apps that I think everyone should have on their phones and should be used to their fullest capacity. I might be too dependent on my phone and here’s why(


I don’t know what I would do without the Notes app. I don’t always have a pen or notepad with me so my Notes always saves the day. I write everything on that app. When I suddenly have an idea for my blog, I write it there immediately. I write the lists of items I want to get at the store or market so even if I forget, I can always check there. Lines or quotes from books that I want to remember, I write it there. The app is just so helpful.

I always make sure to declutter, delete notes when I’m done with them, arrange them in folders so it’s easier to navigate.


I have never tried writing posts on the website. I’ve always been using the app and it’s easier for me. I’ve read posts of bloggers saying the website is better. I don’t know, I just really like the app!

Google Calendar

Zainab put me on this app and I’m so grateful! I’ve been struggling to find the right digital and physical planner but I haven’t found any yet so I’ve been using this app to set reminders and tasks that I need to do and it’s really great.


I’m a “Google everything” girl. I ask Google for everything. Any little thing I don’t know or I’m confused about, I Google it immediately.


Thank God for the Bible app. It’s faster to open and it makes devotions easier.


You guys already know how much of a music lover I am! I can’t do without my music so of course I can’t do without this app🫶🏽


This app is a literal space, money and data saver. My friend plugged this app to me and I have plugged it to multiple of my friends already. This app is a must have especially for people that love kdramas but it’s not exclusive to just kdramas (I literally watched Enola Holmes and Wednesday on this app and my brother’s also watching Peaky Blinders). They also have reality shows on there like that app is a maze and the most interesting part is, it’s all for free!

No subscription plan. Nothing.

Just go on the app and watch whatever shows you want.


I feel like I can without this app actually but right now, it’s a major part of my routine especially because I have found some amazing and inspirational creators on there.

Every morning, I watch videos of my favorite creators and once I’ve caught up, it makes me feel motivated. They motivate me to study, remind me to romanticize my life, remind me to love myself, all of that.

Those are my 8 Must-Have apps on my phone!

What are some apps that you can’t do without?


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