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You guys know that fulfilling feeling you get when your plans make it out of your group chats? Yeah

My two besties and I have been wanting to go to this Korean restaurant for months but stuff would come up and we would have to take a rain check.

My friend’s birthday was on the 30th of January but we couldn’t do much cause we had classes and we were still trying to settle in and familiarize ourselves with our class schedules. Friday, the 3rd of February, we decided it had to be TODAY!

So after a chaotic morning and a very confused Uber driver, we finally made it to The Huahan Korean Restaurant

Before we get to the food part, let’s talk about the service. Y’all, the customer service was TOO GOOD! A 10/10!

From the moment you walk into the restaurant, your personal waiter comes up to you, tells you you look nice and takes you to your table. Then he asks what you would like to drink while you look through the menu. We opted for a bottle of water cause we were honestly still trying to process how good we were being treated.

Usually, you don’t get this kind of treatment in regular restaurants in Nigeria. In a typical setting, you walk into the restaurant, find yourself a seat and then someone comes to you with the menu, you order what you like and then eat, basically.

The waiter was so nice. My friends and I had no idea what to get cause this was our first time at a Korean restaurant and the menu looked A LOT. There were 2 big menus for the food and 2 for the drinks. The reasons you can’t find the menu online is not only cause it’s not allowed but also, where do you even begin?

He was super helpful. He gave us good recommendations, showed us how to wrap the lettuce, helped my friends with the chopsticks. He even helped us mix our soju with fruit drinks cause we didn’t want too much alcohol. Overall, he was an amazing waiter. Best I’ve ever had.

The aesthetic of this restaurant was so lovely. Everywhere was nicely decorated even the toilet mirror. There was a wall with pictures of iconic kdramas

There was this place with the teddy bears but the lighting isn’t so good for pictures
The highlight for me were these lights. So pretty

Moving on to the food part,

First, I had the Korean Fried Rice (the one in the bowl that’s already half eaten cause I forgot I needed to take pictures). It was so good. I finished my bowl without realizing it.

We also ordered a mixed platter which basically came with meat, chicken, gizzard, squid, prawns and I forgot the last thing.

Our nice waiter cooked them till they were done and then taught us how to wrap them with the lettuce and the sides which were just basically a sauce and some veggies.

The lettuce and other veggies
This is me trying to wrap my lettuce on my own on the second try.

I have no idea how the people in dramas are able to put the whole thing in their mouths at once. Maybe I have a small mouth

My friend got the Egg Fried Rice. She said it was really good

Then we got sushi! I’ve always wanted to try sushi and honestly it tastes just like I imagined.

My friends weren’t fans of the sauce. They said it was too spicy so they took the sushi like that. The sauce was actually kind of spicy, I’ll admit but it wasn’t too bad.

We had our soju mixed with fruit drinks and it tasted really good. My friends had theirs mixed with strawberry and I had mine mixed with grape. Personally, I think the grape was better.

What’s a Korean meal without shots, right?

My friend and I didn’t take a full shot cause she’s not fond of alcohol and I had somewhere to go after our date so I didn’t want to take so much alcohol but the birthday girl had about 6 shots 😂

I was very stuffed before we were even done.

When it came to the bill, the price of the actual meal was okay, I would say the drinks were a bit overpriced and then there were additional VAT, LST Taxes and Service charges. In total, it was expensive but we’re here for the experience guys! 😮‍💨

Overall, it was a really nice experience.

Food ~ 10/10

Service ~ 100/10

Aesthetic ~ 10/10

Honestly, I would go back again just to see the cute waiter.

Have you had any of the meals I had? Ever been to a Korean restaurant? What’s your favorite Korean meal or what would you like to try?



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