January Review

On the scale of 1-10, I’d give January a 7!

I somehow stuck to my goals for the month and am still keeping up with my resolutions. I blogged consistently this month too, yay!

General Overview

I was mindful of my mental health. Made sure to put me first most of the time.

I got into the habit of meditating, tried Pilates for the first time (it was hectic. I’m so unfit😂). Took more walks. Finally got a journal so I can properly start journaling in February.

I stepped out of my comfort zone and started conversations with strangers I wanted to talk to. I usually am never the one that start conversations 😂

All in all, January was nice. The only time I cried this month was when I had cramps. Menstrual cramps really be that b*tch but we gotta live with her.

Snapshots of the month

I literally don’t remember what this is called but you light it and it brings out little fireworks
New Year Nails
This new hair oil my mum got me that I BROKE three weeks later☹️
Wine with the Christmas decor. Cute

We still haven’t taken down our Christmas decor by the way cause all of us are in school and I don’t think my parents have the energy for that.

Journal hunting!
Journal hunting Pt.2
Went to Nigeria’s first ever physical korean store.
Goodies I got
Just me being an aesthetic girly
A blue themed setting. I though it was cute
Journal hunting Pt. 3!
New shoes era
Refused to leave my new shoes era
Mr. Krabs
Unboxing RM’s album
A cute Chinese meal. I loved how the amount of veggies, carbohydrate and protein were very balanced.
Favorite outfit of the month
Current nails

Biggest lesson learnt this month

Listen to my gut

Something super hurtful (it wasn’t very serious but I was going through PMS so it felt like the end of the world) happened this month and it could’ve been avoided if I had listened to my gut from the beginning!

Random Story of the Month

Several funny happenings occurred this month but I’ll say the most recent one.

So I was outside doing my laundry, yeah. I don’t like using washing machines cause I feel like they never really wash my clothes super clean so the only time I use it is when I have a heap of clothes to wash which is like once in a blue moon cause I never let my clothes pile up.

Anyway, I was outside doing my laundry so I put my phone on the tenant’s car cause it was close to where I was, in case I get a call or something. Then this lady comes out and is preparing to go out but I was so in my head like I’m literally having conversations with myself. One of the reasons I like washing with my hands is cause it’s like therapy to me, I get to have some me time, talk to myself, sing and do whatever.

So this woman is literally driving off and it still didn’t occur to me that my phone is on her car! Until I finished washing and was getting ready to go back inside, that’s when I look around and then it finally clicks in my brain that I watched her drive off with my phone on her car.

I hurriedly ran in to tell my parents, then my dad called her and she had to go back to the parking lot to check if the phone was still there cause she was literally already at work 😂. Thankfully, it was there and thankfully she doesn’t work far from the house. It’s like a 20mins drive. We drove there to pick it up and my baby was back in my hands 😮‍💨

The End.

Songs I loved

Soldier, Poet, King by The Oh Hellos

I’ve been in love with this song for a while now. I never thought I could like this genre but I do. I really like the lyrics.

Indigo by RM

I’m still so in love with every song from this album. I cannot get over it.

VIBE by Taeyang ft Jimin

I didn’t like it at first but it got better.

Firm Foundation by Maverick City Music

Favorite gospel music at the moment. Always puts me in THE mood.

Wings by Little Mix

This song has been taking me back to 2013/2015 era like I love it! The girls that get it, get it!

Shows I Watched

• Alchemy of Souls 2: Light and Shadow ~ 10/10

• True Beauty ~ 8/10 (didn’t really like the last two episodes)

• Cheer Up ~ 5/10 (I literally stopped at episode 3 or 4. It had potential tho)

• Island ~ 8/10 ( season 2 on feb 24th!)

• Run On ~ 8/10 (it was interesting)

• Singles Inferno 1&2 ~ 9/10 (I basically binged the whole thing. It was my first time watching a reality dating show and it was really nice. )

Books I Read ~ 0 (sigh..poor me)

That’s it for my January review!

This is my first attempt at writing a monthly review. I didn’t really know what to write about cause I don’t know what’s so interesting about my life that I could share but I guess it came out nicely.

I really want to know your thoughts though! Let me know what you liked about the review and what you think I could add next month.

Thank you for reading!

What was your January like?


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