6 Habits I Want To Imbibe In My New School Year

It’s actually not a new school year, it’s the second semester of my third year but it’s a new year and I’m starting a new semester in the new year so I can call it a new school year?

Anyway, it’s a new year and just like I’m trying to make changes in my life mentally, physically and spiritually, some things have to change academically as well. There are habits I need to break and some I need to take on. I debated on which ones to write about but i figured if I tell you the habits I want to imbibe, you can easily tell the habits I’m trying to break.

📚 Set daily tasks and ACTUALLY follow them

I’m a fan of writing the tasks I need to do the day before or even days before so it’s easy for me to get things done but for some reason, this never applies to schoolwork. Unless it’s exam period, I always find a way to procrastinate the things I need to do till last minute. That needs to go.

This semester I will set tasks and accomplish them before the due dates.

📚 Study daily

This has been a big issue for me since high school. At the beginning of a semester, I always tell myself “okay Ib, we’re going to study for at least an hour everyday” but I never do it. This time, it’ll be different because right now, I’m being very intentional.

It’s not like my grades are bad. My GP is very solid. I’m doing this because I’m usually the kind of person that puts off studying till it’s exam period then I start panicking and studying overnight and not getting enough sleep. It got so frustrating last semester so no, we need to change. If I start studying bits by bits, it’ll be way easier for me during tests and exams.

📚 More Walks

I don’t get a lot of ME time in school cause I’m either in class or in the room with 7 other people and there are only a few places in school where you don’t really see people so that can be overwhelming sometimes because I like being alone, sometimes. I’m usually the happiest when my roommates are asleep or out.

I tried taking walks last semester and it felt really nice to sit for a while and ponder on my thoughts before going back to my hostel so I’m going to try to take more walks this semester.

📚 Journaling

This is one of my goals for this year but it’s been flopping because I am yet to find the journals that I want in this flipping country!

I have gone to every store my friends have recommended and they don’t have daily journals/planners and the ones I’ve seen on the internet and I liked, the shipping fees are insane. I’m slowly giving up but I won’t! I will find my journal!

📚 Stand on my Yes and No

Living in school comes to some pressure. Your course-mates want to hang out, your friends want to see a movie, there’s apparently a party going on somewhere and your roommate wants you to tag along. Y’all know I’m a stay at home gurl but I did say that I will try to step out of my comfort zone this year which means challenging myself to be out of my bed more.

But if it’s a situation that I know I will be really uncomfortable with then I’m going to say No and stand by it. If it’s something fun and not uncomfortable then I’ll say yes and try my best not to go back on it.

📚 More Cooking, Less Eating Out

This is something my roommate and I said we’re going to work on this semester. Cooking is stressful in my hostel but we will manage, we must survive cause eating out is becoming crazy expensive. Plus there’s literally nothing like a home cooked meal.

I will be treating myself out on occasions I feel are special and I definitely will still spoil myself in ways that I can.

These are the habits that I want to work on this semester. I hope I’m able to achieve them🤍

Thank you for reading!

What habits or changes are you planning to make academically in your new school year or work year?


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