What’s In My Bag? *Work Edition*

I’ve been following my mum to work for the past few days cause she needs my assistance. I didn’t really pack as much as I normally would cause my mum only told me I would be following her this morning so I just threw in basic essentials and ran out.

Anyways, what’s in my bag?

My cute mini purse which I ordered on AliExpress.

My lip gloss and perfume oil. I can never leave my house without these and you shouldn’t too.

This cute hello kitty pouch where I keep my earpiece and AirPods. I actually need to change it cause I mistakenly tore the top while I was forcing it open. 🥲

A pocket tissue. Always an essential

Pens cause you never know when you’ll need them.

My phone and AirPods chargers

This biscuit that I became so addicted to. It is so good. I took it almost everyday in school and I was so excited to see that the mart close to my street sells it.

My trusted bottle. She has been with me for a while now, I can’t go anywhere without her.

But I do need a new bottle.

That’s all that’s in my bag!

Hope you enjoyed reading🤍

What are the things you can’t leave the house without?


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