A Moment Of Self Love


A lot of people think self love is just about learning to love your appearance or loving the parts of you that you don’t like or the daily skincare. Yeah, those are all part of self love but I think the most important things is putting yourself first.

I was recently put in a spot where I had to choose between what I wanted to do and what others want me to do. I obviously chose me first but when they started to make me feel bad, I almost succumbed to them but I didn’t 🙏

No one should ever make you feel bad being you and putting yourself first. Don’t put yourself in situations that make you feel uncomfortable just to please or impress other people. That’s not loving one’s self.

You don’t have to be like others, you don’t have to like what they like or do what they do or choose what they choose. You are your own person and that’s perfect.


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