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Review Of Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow

Note: This post contains spoilers from both season 1 and 2 of Alchemy of souls so if you’re still interested in watching them and do not want to read spoilers, please don’t read further

You guys know how excited I was for the second season of Alchemy of Souls to come out. I was literally counting down and of course, they did not disappoint!

Let me talk about the show generally then I’ll break it down to the bits and pieces that I loved the most.

{General Overview}

First of all, I want to say this is one of the very few shows I’ve watched where they kept the excitement of season 1 bubbling into season 2. I can count on one hand, the shows that have been able to pull that off, for me personally. Whenever I watch shows, the first season is so good then I watch the season and I’m getting bored, dozing off or I just end up not completing it. Even if it’s good, it’s not AS GOOD as the first season. It was like that with Bridgerton, the Witcher, Riverdale, Warrior Nun, many others but then there are shows like Euphoria, YOU, Sex Ed, etc that have been able to keep their hype up through 3-4 seasons.

Alchemy of Souls is definitely on that list. From episode 1 to the final episode, the thrill and excitement was there for every episode.

I definitely loved the pace of this season. It wasn’t slow at all yet it wasn’t too fast. The scenes are straight to the point without loosing the humor and purpose.

I also love how there were certain similarities to season 1

The boat scene in season 1 when Mudeok was searching Uk but in season 2, it was Uk that saw Naksu on the boat when she ran away from Jinyowon.

Season 1
Season 2

The scenes with the ying yang jades.

I also love how the crown prince sort of has a funny attachment to Naksu in both seasons and the nicknames he gave her in the two seasons too😂

Season 1
Season 2

The craziest episode has to be episode 8. They went from a 20mins makeout session to finding out she’s Naksu. That episode was very nerve wracking. I was so happy that Jang Uk was finally able to sort of move on and be happy and it didn’t even last an episode for it to just BOOM!

I also felt so sad for Naksu cause she had been trying to heal his wounds and be there for him only for her to find out that she was the cause of his wounds. It was so painful to watch her withdraw from him.


I really love the casting of the show. Each person really brought out the uniqueness of their characters.

My favorite character is definitely Naksu. This is my first time watching Go Yoon Jung in a drama. I love her duality in the two seasons, I was super excited for season 2 cause they announced she would be the female lead and she didn’t disappoint me.

Everyone’s worst character is Jin Mu. We were all just waiting for him to die to be honest.

I also don’t like Seo Yul. He’s not a bad person but I just would not want to have a friend like him (?). Someone that likes to carry too much burden on themselves and not share with their friends even when it directly involves their friends, he has a crazy hero complex and I find it so annoying.


There are so many scenes that had me squealing. In episode 2, when he went to Jinyowon and went “my wife can’t sleep” AHHHHH

I loved seeing Jin Mu so scared of Jang Uk in episode 7. It was so funny😂


Alchemy of souls is a show that I fell so in love with. The characters all grew on me so much. They have their different charms and flaws and it was great watching them go through some form of self development through both seasons. Watching it end felt like watching an era in my life come to an end😂. I was so emotional

I’ll definitely miss the feeling of watching this show for the first time.

{RATING: 10/10}

I definitely recommend this show to anyone that hasn’t seen it yet.

Thanks for reading my review!

5 replies on “Review Of Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow”

For me, I didn’t like Season 1 as much, but I found Season 2 to be really exciting, and I also liked the parallels they had between the two seasons. I also didn’t like Seo Yul that much either – I felt like I preferred him in Season 1, and then he had a really unexpected reaction when he discovered Buyeon’s true identity. I did like increasingly like the crown prince! By the way, I like the simple, to-the-point style of your review 😊

Liked by 1 person

I like season 2 better too!
Thank youuu, I haven’t done a drama review in a while so I wondered I did a good job or not🥺 thank youu🫶🏽
Also, do you know the two leads are going to be in a new drama as well! The name is Death’s Game

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Yes, I do know. I’m not sure they’ll be acting together, together though, as it’s quite a big cast and the main character goes through different lives, I think. It’ll still be cool to see them in another drama though 😊


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