3 Ways To Look Hotter In 2023

It’s still the second week of January so I feel like there’s no better time for this post than now.

It’s a new year and we’re trying to make little adjustments to our lifestyle, add new steps to our daily routines and removing old ones, finding the perfect diet and all of that.

For some of us, our goals may be to look hotter and better this year and we’re already writing a list of the do’s and don’ts but I’m here to tell you the 3 most important tips to looking hotter in 2023. If you add these 3 things to your lifestyle, it’s a 100% success rate for real.

Self Confidence

Confidence is an attribute that really deals with the mind. If you have self confidence, there is absolutely nothing you wear that you won’t feel hot in and that energy oozes off you. That way, causing people to feel attracted to you. If you aren’t confident in yourself, no matter how many times you’re complimented, there will always be doubts like “do I really look good?” “Are they just trying to be nice”.

Positive Self- Affirmations

A lot of people don’t understand how important it is for you to continually say good things to yourself. Our ears pick up what is said to us, takes it to the brain and the brain translates that to the body. So if the only voices that we let our ears send to our minds are the voices of others, their opinions get stuck in our heads and what we believe are other people’s judgements about us.

It is important for us to continually speak positive things to ourselves. In relation to this post, whenever you put on an outfit, look in the mirror and go, “Damn Ib, you look so good!” “Wow, who is this hottie?” “Ouu your makeup is slaying!” Really just hype yourself and you will notice how different you will feel. It also really helps with boosting your confidence. You know the kind of compliments you want to hear so say it to yourself.

No one can hype you up like you can.

Find YOUR own sense of style

For you to feel hot, you have to be super comfortable in your clothes and also feel spectacular. If you see someone look hot in a specific jeans or gown doesn’t mean you would too. Wear clothes you are completely comfortable with and not just to impress others. You’re only going to end up inconveniencing yourself.

Like I said, no matter what you wear, if you’re confident in it and you hype yourself up, you will look and feel hot.

That concludes today’s post!

I hope you enjoyed reading!

Random question, do you prefer to look hot or cute?


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