Things You Should Do Before The New Year🎇

2023 is literally in three days and I believe we’ve all been preparing for the new year on our own personal ways.

I’ve shared my goals and vision boards for the upcoming year, I’m pretty sure some of us have prepared ours already as well but those are the common ways to anticipate a new year or a fresh start.

Before entering a new year, there are things you should do to prepare yourself mentally, physically, and to kind of give yourself that feeling of “Oh yeah, it’s definitely a new year” and these are some of the things I’ve done that have helped put me in that space mentally.

Clear Out Your Wardrobe

I did this two days ago and it felt so nice. I brought out everything in my wardrobe and began sorting them again. I put aside the ones I won’t be wearing anymore and separated them into the ones I plan to give out and the ones I’ll throw away.

It made my wardrobe look less congested. Plus, there’s a good feeling that comes with giving out to people.

Give Your Room A Makeover

This is a part of my holiday task list so I already did it about two weeks ago and it really gives me a nice feeling whenever I walk into my room.

I hung LED lights, changed the position of bed, bedside table, my cosmetics and hair stuff etc. My room looks prettier and therefore, that has an effect on me cause if you didn’t know, your room has an impact on your mental health.

Give Out The Things You Don’t Need

We’re still in the spirit of giving so if you haven’t done that yet, this is the perfect opportunity. While clearing out your wardrobe and giving your room a makeover, you’ll find certain things that you don’t need anymore. Maybe your old school textbooks, that dress that was stuffed at the back of your closet throughout the entire year, the bag you don’t use anymore and tons of other stuff.

You can give those out to people you know that will need them. If you don’t know anyone, you can give them to your church or any charity foundations.

Shop For New Essentials

While doing all of the things I listed above, you’ll realize that there are also some things that you need or want to get, that would switch up your space. I keep using my room cause that’s the only place I have full control over in my house and don’t need permission to do whatever I like so if you have your own apartment/house, I would suggest shopping for new items to add a nice touch to your space.

Switch Up Your Playlists

You guys already know how much of a music lover I am and even though BTS is 99% of my music taste, there’s the 1% that listens to other artists too😂

This is the period I create new playlists or make adjustments to the ones I already have. I take out the songs that I’ve gotten bored of and add new ones that I just discovered, I do this mostly for my Christian playlist. Music is a way of life and medium of expression for me so I treat it very seriously.

Make Adjustments to Your Blog

This is for my blog buddies. Of course if your blog still looks the way you want it to then you can leave it as it is but if you’ve been meaning to switch themes or adjust a few things, this is the perfect time to.

I personally have been worried about my Menu bar looking too bulky for my readers. I felt like it might be too overwhelming for them cause sometimes, I felt overwhelmed by it too so I took out majority of the categories I put out before and just left 4 major ones and I will just try to fit my posts into those 4 instead of making too many subsets and now it looks very simple. I like it.

These are the things I’ve done to the things around me to put myself in a better headspace in anticipation for the new year.

Thank you for reading!🤍

In what ways have you been anticipating the new year?

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