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Blogmas D’16: My Spotify Wrapped 2022

Hi friends!

Let’s talk about our Spotify wrapped, shall we?

I’ve been thinking of switching to Apple Music for a while now but I think I’ll have to just stick to Spotify cause I’ve gotten attached to it. I have several babies there.

Yes, by babies I mean my playlists.

I created playlists for different moods; when I’m happy, sad, reminiscing, on the verge of giving up, when I feel on top of the world etc. I even have playlists as a remembrance of people I’ve met, people I liked etc.

My playlists feel like “a part of me”. Tell me I’m not the only one that feels this way?

My fellow music lovers, do you feel the same?

Now if there’s one thing I always look forward to every year, it’s my Spotify wrapped. Even though my results are quite predictable, I still love it. It’s like receiving your report card at the end of a semester.

BTS was my top artist last year and they still held No.1-4 this year which is expected now that they’re in their solo era.

It’s crazy how very unique they all are in sense of music and lyric style which shows very clearly in their solo albums but they mix so well as a group.

Jon Bellion is another one of my favorite artists ever. Probably after BTS (literally, it’s right there)

My Top Song of the year is Stay Alive written by Jungkook, produced by Suga (too much talent!!!)

It’s funny how this song was released as a soundtrack for a Webtoon, in the first quarter of the year and I fell so in love with it. I’m still very much in love. I would do anything to hear it for the first time.

Personally, I expected my total playtime to be higher than this 🥲 we go again next year anyway!

Check out my Top Songs playlist for 2022.

Who was your top artist for 2022 and what was your top song?


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