Blogmas D’15: Lessons I Learnt in 2022 (II) *plus storytime*


Back with the continuation of lessons I learnt this year both in the hard and soft way. If you haven’t read the previous post, make sure you do!

Moving on,

• Do not settle for bare minimum

Yup, one thing I learnt this year is do not settle. Demand to be treated the way you feel you should be treated. The only reason people will keep treating you however is because you settled with it. For someone who gives a lot in friendships, I demand the same.

Don’t feel like people will think you’re doing too much. The thing is not everyone is like you, some people don’t feel the need to do or say certain things because they’re not used to it, they’ve never done it. So you might think “doesn’t she know that she’s supposed to say this or do this” meanwhile they have no clue and you’re just there building resentment instead of just talking it out.

Here, I expected to see a nice cute “goodluck in your exams. You’ll do great” message from my friend the morning of my exams but I didn’t get it so I was kind of upset like doesn’t she know she’s supposed to wish me goodluck cause I would wish her during her own exams but instead of being annoyed and just ignoring her, the night before I expressed that I would love that she did that and I was like it’s okay if she can’t cause my exam was in the morning and she might still be asleep.

But she wished me the next day and every other day after that. That’s how friendship should work.

So don’t just settle. Demand for how you would like to be treated or what you deserve.

• Some people can’t handle open communication

As y’all have probably already guessed, I’m big on communication. I want you to talk to me. I love talking things over not leaving them to just build up till it leads to fights and grudges but some people aren’t like that. Some people don’t know how to communicate, they’d prefer to just hold it in and sometimes to them, I come off as pushy or too much.

I’ve learnt to be easier on those people and more tolerating.

• Let people know; where you stand, what your thoughts are, what you won’t stand for

This is also sort of under communication but communication is a wide topic so I had to bring this out separately.

You need to be open about what you stand and won’t stand for so people don’t take advantage of you. Your voice matters. Like Namjoon said, speak yourself

If you don’t like something, say it. If you want something, ask. If you have an opinion, share. Your voice matters

• Boundaries are necessary

No matter who they are, always set boundaries. Let people know where you draw the line or they’re just gonna be crossing it without realizing.

• God always shows up

Last but definitely not the least, God always shows up. He has shown up for me so many times this year and I can only be grateful.

Those are the lessons I learnt this year!

Are you a communicator or “I’d rather hold it in” type? What other lessons did you learn this year?


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