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Blogmas D’11: A Christmas Song Recommendation

Hey guys!

Guess who’s FINALLY done with her exams? Yes, moi!

First of all, I would like to thank you all for your encouraging comments and messages, it meant so much to me cause this semester has been rough to, say the least but I’m glad that it’s finally done!

I also want to thank WordPress for their automated post function. I had written all 10 Blogmas posts a week prior to my exams so WordPress published them on their scheduled days. Even though the posts go out an hour or two later than the time it’s scheduled for, at least it still saved me tons of stress.

It also publishes posts even though your phone has no internet connection, that’s crazy. I would turn off my data before going into my exam hall cause I didn’t want my battery to run down and I would come out to meet the post already published. That was so helpful

Anyways, since I’m just recuperating from the stress and back to back sleepless study nights, I don’t really have anything planned for today so I thought it would be nice to exchange Christmas songs.

I don’t really know a lot of Christmas songs asides the regular ones everyone knows (Silent Night, Felix Navidad and all of that) so you guys please recommend a Christmas Song in the comments! Your favorite Christmas song✨ It could be in any language, I don’t really care.

My recommendation is Snow Flower by V ft Peakboy. It feels like dancing in the snow with your lover. Very beautiful

Share your favorite Christmas songs in the comments and why you like them!

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