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A Week In My Work Life

Hey guyssss

I feel like I’ve been blogging too much about work but that’s literally the highlight of my life right now so bear with me. Do not worry, this might probably be the last of this 😂

Anyways, I thought I’d tell you guys on how my week usually goes so enjoy, I guess.



So I’m super late to work…on a Monday!

I set my alarm for 4am, 4;30am and 5am. Snoozed both 4-4:30 and eventually got up by 5am. That’s not even the reason I’m late.

I was already done by 6:30am which is the time I usually leave the house but I couldn’t leave till 6:50 ish cause it was raining (LIKE IT DID THROUGHOUT YESTERDAY!). I finally got out but I couldn’t find a bike cause it was still kind of drizzling (I had an unbrella don’t worry). I had to walk a long distance in the road full of puddles 😭, I finally got a bike to take me to the bus stop.

Then getting a bus was hard too. Everything is harder when it’s raining 🥲.

Anyways, right now I’m stuck in traffic (which also happens when it rains heavily. I’ve got my AirPods plugged in, listening to one of fav playlist I made. It’s a mix of Jon Bellion, BTS and Avicii.

Here’s a link to the playlist if anyone is curious

I’m supposed to be in the office by 8am on Mondays but I’m still kinda far and it’s 8:26💀

Guys I promise I’m not usually this late to work


I literally got to work by 9:20am. I made my coffee and I didn’t even have time to sit before getting up again cause a client was at one of the projects we’re handling and I’m the one in charge of that building today so I had to quickly rush over there. That’s where I am right now and the client is nowhere to be found 🧍🏽‍♀️

Which is kind of a good thing cause at least I have time to relax and prep myself before they come. Right now, I’m just sipping my coffee and writing this.

Oh, when I got to the office this morning. There was a note on my desk already, asking me to search for some properties. I was planning on doing that before I got asked to go meet the client and where this building is situated has very terrible network so I can’t work here at all which means I can only work when I go back to the office.

I don’t know if I should term it as a good or a bad thing😂


So I just left the property now. I’m on my way for an inspection now. I wrote in my previous post that my favorite part of this job is going on inspections. I just love looking at buildings and new environments… those kind of stuff


So we just finished with the inspections. I’m so hungry. I haven’t had anything today asides coffee.

These are some of the pictures I took during the inspection


So I forgot to give an update since 12 but basically, I got back to the office by 1pm, did a few things then went for lunch at 2pm. I had to rush back to the office by 2:30pm and I’ve been at the office since then.


My closing time is by 4pm so I’m done for todayyy. Today was fun, one of my coworkers came back from a month break so we basically talked all through till it was time for me to leave and she’s so fun to talk to. We literally were just laughing all through.

One of the female interns who I was the closest with left for school towards the end of last month so I haven’t had someone I could really relate with since then so I’m glad there’s another female here again!

Yeah, basically that was how Monday went!



Good morningggggg

I’m currently stuck in traffic but since I left earlier than yesterday, let’s hope I can make it in time today!

I’m just plug in my AirPods and listen to my playlist till I get to my stop. Alright


I got to work by 8:28!! Just 2mins till 8:30! That was so close. I was really panicking 😂 I had to pay extra money to the shuttle driver just so he could drop me. I might have to start leaving the house by 5:30…damn.


I just finished calling a bunch of agents with houses on the mainland and out of 11, only 3 met our requirements. This is the downside of this part of the job sometimes cause you search thoroughly for properties online and at the end, only 2 or 3 meets the requirements, sometimes none of them do then it looks like you haven’t done much.

I’m glad I found 3 anyway.


I am currently compiling the statistics of real estate properties in the 2 major states in Nigeria which is Lagos (where I am) and Abuja. The estimated increment or decrement of residential and commercial properties. If this is too much for you, just scroll😂

Oh and btw this is the project I told y’all that we’re managing. The one I went to yesterday. It’s really huge and there’s a helipad at the top


It’s time for my lunch break but instead of eating, I want to take a short nap in the lunchroom cause I feel very drowsy rn so I’ll sleep for about 30mins and then get something to eat.


So I just got back to the office. Had my lunch

I ate spicy rice with salad and fried chicken. I was way too hungry to even think about if it was nice or not. I just ate it.

I also just started Little Women, it’s an new ongoing kdrama about 3 sisters (that’s all I got cause I’m just 20mins into the series😂) I watched it while eating cause I have a habit of watching something while eating so yeah.


I’ve pretty much finished my work for today but I can’t leave till 4pm so I’m just scrolling through Twitter and Tiktok, just doing whatever till it’s time to go.

But yeah, that’s it for today! See you tomorrow!



Good morninggg guys!

So I got to work 30mins early today cause I left my house earlier than yesterday.

I feel really really tired. I just had my regular biscuits and coffee. Now work is about to begin!


I just finished sorting and printing the company’s weekly bulletin. A breeze

Today is actually less busy than the last two days so I’m glad. I’m currently listening to the Pop Mix playlist Spotify suggested and it’s actually kind of good. I haven’t heard Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber in a while.


I had lunch at 1pm, watched a little bit of Little Women and I’m back at the office.

I’m listening to my BTS playlist, I made myself with some of my all time favorite BTS songs. P.S: There are 99 songs in it😭


You know I close by 4pm yeah? All of a sudden, my boss walks in and he’s like, “I sent you a mail, print it out and we’ll discuss in 5mins”. Sir??

Anyways, yeah that was it for today. Very uneventful really.



I was 8mins late today cause I left the house kind of late but don’t blame me, it’s my mum’s birthday! So I don’t feel too bad.


So I didn’t really write much today cause I didn’t really do anything. I stayed at one of our properties to oversee it for the entire day and that was literally all I did.

Then I went to have ice cream and window shop with my friend who also works in a company close to mine. That’s it!



I’m currently working on a market survey of 4 bedroom semi-detached houses in Magodo phase 2.

My co-worker is trying to shift some of his work to me and it’s kind of pissing me off cause he wasn’t around for the most part of this week and I’ve been the one doing most of the work so why is he making it seem like he’s working extra🙄


I am heading out for an inspection now yay! Then I’ll get lunch on my way back. It’s already almost 1pm. I had toast for breakfast this morning (yes people, I had time for breakfast today)

The sky is so clear and it’s so sunny


You guysss, I’m pretty bummed 😭 we went to check out this house and the clients love it so much but apparently it was paid for yesterday. That’s so sad.

Now we’re technically back to square 1 again. Sigh.


Since we lost that property, we had to start searching for new ones. We’re literally just going back to the office. I’m so hungry and tired!

Immediately we get back to the office, I’m just gonna pack my bags and leave cause I’m way too tired to do anything else. I’ll probably get something to eat too

It’s currently 7pm. I just got home

I just wanted to show you guys kind of what my job is like and as you can probably tell, the traffic is insane. I honestly think it’s one of the things affecting my mental health.

I wasn’t planning on saying this but I had a little altercation this evening and I just thought I should get this off my chest. I’m literally crying right now as I type this.

For the past 2 months, I have had to forgo a lot of the things I enjoy doing. Not only cause of work, a lot of things have been going on that I don’t really tell people. Some I can’t even tell my close friends. These past months have just been a lot and I’m literally just holding on and trying to look for little ways to make myself happy, like I started blogging again. Even though I still feel like I do not know what I my doing, at least I’m doing it cause it makes me happy. I read books and I watch a lot of BTS TikToks during my free time in the office, I listen to BTS, Avicii and Jon Bellion non stop. I’m doing all these things so I don’t get tired.

I can’t remember the last time I called my friends cause after work, I get home late and I’m always so tired or my body is hurting and the next day I wake up to do the same thing all over again. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. It’s just the circumstances that surround it. And for someone to just conclude or judge my reasons being certain actions by saying “it’s cause I don’t want to do it”. It hurt me really bad cause why wouldn’t I want to? Haven’t I always done it? I don’t know, like the people that feel like they know the reasons behind your actions without asking or wanting to actually know why. That’s just crazy.

Anyways this is going to end up as me just ranting on and on. So I’m gonna just say, please be gentle with the people around you, listen to the people around you, try to reach out to the people that you know may have suddenly changed, you know those kind of stuff.

Okay that’s the end of my post! I hope you enjoyed reading about my work life

Do you work? How’s your work life like? How do you survive the week? What are the little things you do to make yourself happy?


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Wow, you wake up so early. I’m sorry to hear that work has been tough and to an extent I do know what it feels like. With freelancing it feels like your day is never really over since you’re working constantly almost until you go to bed. I hope things get better for you soon and until then try to enjoy the little free time you have although I know that’s hard to do when you’re exhausted.

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I work too and i can say to an extent that i know what you’re going through. I hope those circumstances improve and you’re back to being the chummy happy You again

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