Hey everyoneee!

Happy comeback! Happy Festa! It’s bangtan’s anniversary! Happy birthday to BTS!!💜🫂

Omg I know you streamed Proof so I’m not going to ask. The songs are so beautiful! I’m currently obsessed with Run BTS. Like it’s been playing in my head 24/7. I just be doing anything and then go, “Run bulletproof run yeah you gotta go!”

It’s amazing! The album is everything! If you haven’t heard it yet, make sure you give it a LISTEN. I promise you won’t regret it.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, Lili and I would be rating our BTS wallpapers ✨. She rates mine and I rate hers.

We both different tastes, I’d like to presume. I don’t like a lot of colors in my wallpaper, just one or two general theme/color while some others love their wallpapers colorful so this should give us an idea of who we are as individuals😂

I’ll be rating Lili’s wallpaper here then you can check out her blog to read her rate my very beautiful wallpapers.

I actually love this. Firstly cause Joon looks very cute and then I also love brown. I love colors like brown/nude/beige, for wallpapers. You get?

So I’ll give this 8.

Jin✨✨ a spectacular face. I like the color but I wouldn’t use it as my wallpaper. Hmm I don’t know why😂

Because of Jin’s face, this gets a 7.

I love this cause black and blue are two of my favorite colors. Plus I like the general theme of this. Yoongi is so cute

I’ll give you an 8.5

This is so cute. Personally, there’s too much going on in the background, for me. But Hobi looks so cute, his hairrr.

I’ll give you a 7. Hobi’s literally one of my biases, this shows I’m not a biased person 😗

Jimin🥺. I actually really really like this. The natural theme, his outfit, his hair, I love it.

I give this a 9

I loveeee. I would honestly use this as my wallpaper. It’s just kinda my thing. Neutral colors, nothing screaming “look at me!”, Tae’s fluffy hair and that cute cat. Yeah

A 9.5 for this!

This is so cute. Everything Jungkook does is cute. I like it.

I’ll also give it a 7

So those are the wallpapers Lili made.

Click here to see MY wallpapers and Lili’s ratings.

Which of her wallpapers are your favorite? Have you listened to Proof? Which track is your favorite? Please wish BTS a happy anniversary!💜



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