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Happy Birthday JHope ☀️|A Review Of Hope World

Heyyy everyone

Today is a very special day! Today is Hobi’s day! If you know me well, you know how much I love Hobi and just like every other member’s birthday, I struggled with how best to celebrate him in today’s post. I’ve written about how much he makes me happy, how he makes me laugh, how he inspires me but before he’s an entertainer or fashion king, he’s an artist and what better way to celebrate him than to celebrate his work?

So today, I’ll be telling you about one of my favorite works by Hobi which is his mixtape, Hopeworld.

Jung Hoseok aka Hobi aka JHope is a South Korean rapper, vocalist, dancer, producer, composer, fashion icon and a member of biggest boyband in the world, BTS.

Just like his stage name, JHope is an embodiment of hope, comfort and all the brightest things on earth and that’s why he’s also popularly known amongst Armys as “Sunshine”.

JHope’s instagram: @uarmyhope

Hopeworld was released in 2018 and of course, the mixtape has JHope written all over it. Starting with the upbeat tune of Hopeworld to the hip hop and alternate rap in Base Line ending with his mesmerizing vocals in Blue Side. Just like every BTS song, the lyrics of these songs are ineffable which is why a lot of Armys and even locals have fallen in love with JHope and his mixtape making him the most followed Korean soloist on Spotify with over 8 million followers.

Without further ado, I say


Hope World

Hope World is a very upbeat song. Kind of like Outro:Ego, also written by JHope. It gets you excited and you just want to dance. I think this song is one that embodies Hobi and everything he stands for. This song really makes me happy!

I love how he starts with “My name is my life”. Yes it is boo, yes it is

This song is the literal meaning of optimism, hope, every positive word literally.

(P.O.P) Piece of Peace pt.1

This is one of my favorite songs on the mixtape. It has an optimistic kinda pop and hip pop feel.

Hobi expressing his desire to be a piece of peace through his music and his life.

No matter who, everyone makes mistakes And goes through difficulties

Although they don’t know it, I know that pain

No pain No gain

To us, Always

Hardships and obstacles

Fade away like that

I want to convey courage

The standard for happiness is you, walk that path

I want to fill it up, (that) faith

Just like a piece of cake that’s simple and easily fills the tummy…

His words are always so soft and reassuring🥺. This song felt like a pat in the back. I love it so much.


I think in this song, Hobi depicts himself in a daydream, doing all the things he wishes to do without worrying even though he knows it’s only a dream and it won’t last.

He starts the song with the line,

My character’s like half and half, who knows?

Everyone says that living as an idol or even a celebrity in general, there’s always two sides of you. The one you show to the public and the you that only you and your closest circle know.

Hobi would love to do a lot of things that he probably can’t freely do because he’s constantly in the public eye.

Beyond that boundary line over there
Let’s feel it
Like the hole Alice fell into
Like the road that leads to Hogwarts
It’ll be a world of mirages
And it’ll be all mine
It’ll be exactly how I imagined
But it won’t last forever (Shit)

I think he’s just encouraging us and himself to live the life we want, do what we want to do, to not care, just live your life and enjoy your youth.

Base Line

This song is too short for my liking😭😭.

It’s a hip hop/alternate rap track that talks about how Hobi got into music and how he’s grateful to be able to make music and live the life he has.

Hangsang (항상)

Yooooooo this is MY SONG! This is my favorite song on this mixtape. First time I heard it, my jaw was literally on the floor. It’s crazy how Hobi is able to kill literally almost every genre. His vocals are unmatched and his rap is mind blowing like bro, who are you???

Hangsang is literally Hobi feeling himself and I am here for itttt! He talks about cruising with BTS, his label and his fans. Getting calls from top celebs like Yass king! I love this song so much. Can you tell? 😂

Every time I open my eyes, I’m on the cover of a magazine
It’s like I own a house on top of the chart
Haters better cop out
Credit card chops like karate chop-chop
Me and my friend, we change it up, trendsetter
Hol’ up, man, now you guys are the crow-tits
My friends and I are at the summit
BTS, ROCK BOTTOM, yeah, that’s my team

First time I read the lyrics, I was screaminggg😂. I don’t know, there’s nothing like the tannies hyping themselves. It’s giving “What Do You Think?” By Agust D but this is Hobi style…hehe.


In Airplane, Hobi talks about how he’s always wanted to be on airplanes since he was young but everyone told him that he was dreaming. Despite that, he worked hard to be successful and now he rides on airplanes and his haters can’t get to him. He feels very happy and proud of himself for fulfilling his dream.

Blue Side (Outro)

This, I think, is the perfect way to have ended the mixtape. This is just the short version of the song as Hobi later released the full version.

Blue Side is a very soulful track. When I listen to it, I feel like my spirit elevated from my body and is just floating in the atmosphere. That’s how I feel. Very lightheaded.

And that concludes my review and reflections of the masterpiece that is Hope World.

Hope World is a work that has definitely been there, given me hope and made me happy tons of times so I’m glad to be sharing it with you especially on this special day, Hobi’s birthday.

I hope you enjoyed this post and do give Hope World a listen!

What do you think of Hope World? What song do you listen to that gives you hope? Please wish Hobi a happy birthday!

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Happy J-hope Day🥳🥳🥳
Our hope, our sunshine, our JHOPE!! I hope he gets all the love and happiness in this world… TBH Hope World is like the first solo artist ALBUM I’ve ever heard, and the second I heard it, I fell in love with it! And one thing about J-hope, even though he is going through hardships and tough time, he will always have a smile on his face, and the most beautiful smile in this entire universe💜 Borahae

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