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Reacting to Weverse Posts pt. 2

It’s Ib here! But of course you knew that😀

I’m back with another “Reacting to Weverse Posts” because you all enjoyed the last one and found it funny (Click here to read). I’m glad it made you laugh which is what I live for sooooo here it is!

Awwnn I know right! RM has an IQ of 148, if I’m not wrong. That man is so smart and you can tell in everything he does.

Thank you Joon for choosing to impact and save so many people with your wise words and actions. We love you🥺💜

This is so cute! I always admire people that edit cute things like this. I wish I could ☹️. Have you seen some Army’s paintings omg?😭

Where art my talent?🧎🏽‍♀️


And I love what he’s doing with Instagram account. He’s so organized. I look at his account and I look at my blog account and I feel like burying my head in the ground forever😭. I’m going to change the aesthetic of my blog account this year. Also, if you aren’t following me yet then click here to follow! Thanks

😂😂😂 no😭

I’m sorry you weren’t informed but you’ll do well, don’t worry. I trust you! Fighting!💜

This was literally me last September💀. I cried my eyes out cause I was so frustrated and scared.

This is so cute. Basically Jin went to his uncle’s strawberry farm and Hobi asked him to bring back some strawberries for him which he did. One of Jin’s friends also posted that Jin came to his house late at night to give him the strawberries while they’re fresh which I think is the cutest thing ever.

I’ve never had strawberries but I heard they’re actually very sour so I don’t know if I want to. But if Kim SeokJin’s the own delivering it then sure, why not???

“Shoes on, get up in the morning, cup of milk , let’s rock and roll”

I just thought this was cute 🥛😂

Again with these cute ass edits😭😭. Let me show you the rest!

This is so cuteeee

I’m so obsessed with these😭 which is your favorite?

I’m listening to Permission to Damce rn👀

NO and Trash by Little Mix are really good.

Must’ve been the wind by Alec Benjamin

I’m Fine and Save Me by BTS (listen to them after each other)

Girl of my Dreams by Juice Wrld ft SUGA

These are few of my favorite songs right now.

I completely understand how you feel🥺


Tbh I’m really grateful to BTS for the amazing family outside family they’ve gifted me. The best friends and sisters ever, even my Army blog buddies. I love y’all so much💜♾

Omg have y’all read the webtoon? It’s on Wattpad and Webtoon and it’s so good.

You should definitely read it if you haven’t

I’m sorry I can’t remember the Army edited this but I take no credit for it.

I’m going to do a general review on it once I’ve read every episode that’s when everything is out.

The picture

I laughed for about a minute when I saw this. I don’t know if it’s actually funny or I just badly needed something to laugh about 😂

But seriously why is the girl hugging the mirror? 😂 My textbook images used to be very funny too.

Those are the first 10 posts I saw when I opened Weverse which means this concludes today’s post!

I hope this was able to at least make you smile. Weverse is one of the apps I go to when I want to have a little laugh before continuing my day so I hope this post was able to do that for you as well.

Thank you for reading! Don’t forget to read the first part (here) if you haven’t.

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