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Blogmas D’22: Roundup of 2021✨📆

Hey everyoneeee!

We have 3 more days to Christmas omg!🤩 I don’t have anything exciting planned for Christmas tbh but I’m just excited for it. 😂

We’re getting closer to Christmas which also means we’re getting closer to New Year! Now, that I can’t wait for. So I’m doing a kind of review kind of post…like a blog review of 2021. I hope you find this interesting, let’s get into it!

Top Posts each month:

January: The Artist that is Zucci

This is was actually a promotional post for a friend. He’s an artist, just starting out and he had just released a new song so we decided to do something fun.

February: The reason why guys…(1)

This was a super fun post where guys answered anonymous questions sent in my you guys. It was very fun to read. I did the Girls version in 2020 so I thought it’s only fair I did for the guys as well.

March: That German Radio Host needs to be thrown back to 2010

This was a rant post😂. I was very angry writing the post and I think you can tell. I really hate racism so much cause it makes no sense to me.

April: Feminism Pt.1: The Q/A

I think this is quite straightforward. We did a post asking questions about feminism and all there is to it.

May: Aji Anje for President

This post! I actually did not expect it to blow up the way it did. It’s been in the Top 5 posts in every month after May and it was just a fun nice interview with a Nigerian content creator, Aji Anje. The post was very fun, I love it!

June: Body Stereotypes: Cancelled

This is a two part series I did to talk about body stereotypes from both the male and female perspective. It was very enlightening and interesting.

July: Seven Men and Their Deeds

I love this post so much so I’m glad you all loved it! It was a guest post featuring one of my favorite Army friends, Monica. She shared one of her brilliant writings. Amazing

August: Unboxing my Butter album

This was a part of my birthday week. I got a BTS Butter album for my birthday and I was too excited to unbox it for you guys but y’all were even more excited 😂

September: Happy Namjoon Day

This post was in celebration of Kim Namjoon’s birthday. I’m glad you all loved it, it warmed my heart. Thank you🤍

October: Blogtober 2021

I was shocked to realize this was the top post for October and not any of the actual Blogtober post😂. I guess y’all were more excited about the announcement. I’m still a bit bummed that I couldn’t complete the Blogtober challenge but it’s fine. Maybe next year✨

November: Love (Sweet Love) by Little Mix| The Feels by Twice

This is the first post in the “Notes of November” series and I’m glad you all enjoyed it. I enjoyed the two songs too.

December: Blogmas D’15: Blogmas Bloggers Shoutout

As at right now, this is the top post of this month and I’m happy about that because all the bloggers deserve the recognition for their hardwork and consistency 😌

Best Post of 2021: Aji Anje for President

Best Month: October

Thank you for showing love to these posts!

This year, my blog experienced a massive growth and I’m saying massive cause you never really appreciate the numbers till you looks back at where you began which is what we’re about to look at


• Number of views went from 2,664 in December 2020 to 9,100 in December 2021

• Number of visitors as at December 2020 was 1,701 and currently is, 4,764

• Number of likes went from 192 in December 2020 to 1,796 in December 2021

• Number of comments in December 2020 was 197 and now, December 2021 is 1,142

• Current number of followers: 332

For the most part of this year, I tried not to focus on my stats. There were times I didn’t even look at them till weeks later. For instance, I didn’t look at my Blogmas stats till I needed to work on this post and it’s not like I’m avoiding it, no. I’ve just learnt not to put too much importance to numbers because that doesn’t define me or my blog. The things I really appreciate and I think is the most important is the reader’s feedback, your feedback which I get through your comments, mails and dms. That’s what I think really matters so I want to say a big thank you to all 332 of you for your support!

But I especially want to thank Sabrina, Pannaga, Lili, Poorwa and Filarance for leaving the most comments on my blog! Even though WP puts most of Sabrina’s comments in spam💀. Still, thank you so so much! Your comments mean the world to me🤍

Thank you so much to everyone who reads and supports my blog. Thank you for making my year. Thank you for everything! This year was quite A LOT but we pulled through together🤍

Can’t wait for the lovely memories we’ll make in 2022!✨

What was your 2021 like? What is your favorite post on my blog? Any you can remember. Did you do a blog review? Please like your link in the comments!

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6 replies on “Blogmas D’22: Roundup of 2021✨📆”

I have stopped looking at my stats for so long but you’re right. You never really appreciate the numbers until you look back. You only really see the growth and learn to appreciate it when you look back at where you were and where you are now.

Congrats on all your growth and I’ve honestly been looking back at when I started blogging mid 2020 and how the numbers have grown by thousands and thousands.

She mentioned me😂. I was so shocked cause I wasn’t even expecting it. Thank you so much for writing all these amazing posts that make it so easy to leave comments on your posts.
No one understands the pain of leaving a heartfelt comment then it just goes to spam folder😂💔😪.

2021 in general was a good time both in real life and in my blogging life. I’m bad at picking favorites but I loved your Blogtober highlights posts and our collab that you did. Also all the song posts – everything was just amazing 🤩!

I didn’t exactly do a review, I did a highlights of blogging in 2021 post where I just looked back at the year.

Once again, congrats on all your growth and may you continue to grow, grow and grow🎉🎉

Liked by 1 person

Thank you boo🥺😭. Omg your comment warmed my heart. I really appreciate you 🤍. Your blog is also super amazing! Even when I’m busy, I still make sure to read every single one. I love your blog and I can’t wait to see how much you’re going to grow next year. We’re obviously going to collab again right?😗

Liked by 1 person

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