Blogmas Christmas Surprise

Blogmas D’16: Gift Guides for your ARMY friends

Ho Ho Ho ‘Tis I!

I can’t believe I’m still keeping up with this greeting😂. Y’all said you like it so 🥴

Right now, I’m planning on surprising one of my Army friends for Christmas but I have no idea what to get for her. I’m still weighing my options so I thought I’d write a post on what I think would be good Christmas gifts for your Army friends, of course if you’re on a budget. I’m writing for Armys cause I think I have a good amount of Army readers, right?

Maybe I’ll do one for Christmas gifts generally, no just limited to Armys. Let me know in the comments, if you want that.

Note: These are just general gift guides so if you know your friend’s preferences then you should go with that. I don’t want you gifting your friend something they don’t like🥴


It’s winter season for most people in the world right now so I think it would be very thoughtful of you to buy them something to stay warm. It shows you’re thinking of their well-being 😉

🎄 Fan made Photocards

I don’t know if it’s just me but I prefer fan made PCs to the official ones🥴 cause some Armys are really really creative with their PCs. I’ve seen holographic ones, doubled PCs, glossy etc. So you can get any of these types for your friend, either of their biases or just OT7 and if the PCs are Christmas themed, that’s a bonus. I’m sure they’ll love it!

🎄BT21 Plushie

I’ve never met a human on this earth that doesn’t like plushies. If you don’t, that’s a 🚩. I’m kidding😂. If your friend is a fan of plushies, I’ve actually never met an Army that doesn’t want a BT21 plushie so it’ll be cute if you can get it for them!

🎄 Blankets

This also depends on what season you’re currently in. If it’s winter then this is a great gift for your friend🤩. If it’s not winter….well they can save it for the rainy days I guess.

🎄 BT21 Keyrings

This is super cute and I think everyone uses a key ring right? Not everyone uses it for their keys, some hang it on their bags, belt holders, purses etc so I think this can come in handy for everyone.


This is probably the cutest option. This gift will be more special to your friend cause of the fact that you thought of them and took out time to make something for them. It could be anything, literally. They’ll love it!

Those are some ideas that I think would make lovely Christmas gifts for your Army friends. Remember a gift could be anything, could even be a note or even if you baked them brownies or took them out for a day. It’s still a gift so don’t pressure yourself about gifts, okay?

What other ideas do you think would make lovely gifts? And what’s on your Christmas wishlist for this year?

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4 replies on “Blogmas D’16: Gift Guides for your ARMY friends”

Really nice gift ideas! Those plushies are so cute~ I love plushies hehe *flashbacks of Jimin and that child on ‘Hello Counselor’ *
And those photocards waww- ARMYs are really creative! I love this fandom 😀
I’m sure your ARMY friend shall be happy with what you gift her!

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