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Blogmas D’5: Why is Christmas my favorite time of the year?

Ho Ho Hooo Yorobun!

It is Day 5 of Blogmas and today I’m sharing with you why Christmas is my favorite time of the year!

There are so many things I love about Christmas. Infact I love the word, “Christmas”. It just makes me happyyyy! But of course, there are a few things that make Christmas all the more special to me.

🎄Christmas Decorations🎄

There is something about Christmas decorations that melts my heart. It can’t be just me!

See the lights, the mistletoes, balls, the huge trees, it makes me feel super warm. I love it so so much!

🎄 Gift Sharing 🎄

Another thing I love about Christmas is the fact that I get to gift people without having to think of a reason to. I love gifting people so much, the same way I also love receiving gifts.

I love thinking of what my friends would like and how I can surprise them. It makes me so happy.

🎄 The Spirit of love 🎄

Of course, you’re supposed to love everyday not just during Christmas but there’s something about the air during Christmas. Everyone is smiling and happy, hugging any and everyone, coming to church, giving out gifts, giving to beggars, sharing food to the poor like everyone is just loving!

🎄 Christmas Carols 🎄

This is probably my favoriteeeee

I love Christmas carols so much! This is when everyone gathers together to sing Christmas songs and celebrate the birth of Jesus. It mostly takes place in the evening time and it’s always very beautiful when they re-enact the story of Jesus’s birth and when we sing Christmas songs in different styles.

I remember when we used to do it in my secondary (high) school. Our parents would come and we would celebrate it together with our friends. I participating in my senior years. I danced “12 Days of Christmas” in SS1 and SS2 and in my final year, my entire set sang “Little Drummer Boy”. It was too cute!

My church’s Carols are also very amazing!!! I just love it so muchhhh

🎄 Birth of Jesus 🎄

Last but definitely not the least, is the birth of Jesus Christ. As a Christian, this is a very significant part of my faith that I love and embrace so much. I love hearing the story of His birth every year because it’s truly the most beautiful story ever. It always warms my heart.

There are so many things I love about Christmas but these 5 are the reasons I can’t wait for Christmas to come every single year!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post!

What are your favorite things about Christmas? What makes you anticipate Christmas the most? I’d love to read yours in the comments!


13 replies on “Blogmas D’5: Why is Christmas my favorite time of the year?”

It’s not just you. Christmas decorations use some sort of Christmas magic that makes it hard to not love them!
Christmas carols – uhh YESSS even though I can’t sing😂💔
And I can totally relate to the love of hearing Jesus’s story✨
Awesome post🎄

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