Blogmas Christmas Movies Series

Blogmas D’3: 5 Movies/Series to watch this Christmas

Ho Ho Hoooooo ‘tis I!

I should probably greet like that all through blogmas😂

If you want me to, say yay or nay if you don’t, in the comments! I’ll vote✨

Okay so it’s the third day of Blogmas and I thought why don’t I recommend some amazing movies/series for you to binge watch this holiday! How nice of me, I know right? You’re welcome😌🤍

Actually I didn’t go for just Christmas movies since I don’t like to limit myself or my readers *wink* so I picked from all genres! Actually I don’t know about the genres, I just picked amazing movies that I’ve watched/plan on watching this holiday so you all can watch them with me!

Are you excited? I’m excited. You’re excited? You should be!

Starting with of course an obvious theme,

1. Dash and Lily

I already mentioned this in the last post but I really enjoyed Dash and Lily last year and I might probably binge watch it again this year cause I really like Austin Abrams’s voice.

It’s a cute rom-com series that you might enjoy if you’re into rom-com. I didn’t think I was till I watched this series so maybe you should still check it out…

2. Red Notice

This movie is absolutely insane. It had the biggest plot twist of this year, to me. I really really enjoyed this movie! It’s very funny and entertaining.

Also, just look at the freaking cast🤩🤩 Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and very fine looking Gal Gadot whose voice I really love.

3. Free Guy

Another amazing movie actually written and starred by Ryan Reynolds! You can tell I love him, can’t you?

This movie is a bit confusing at the beginning but it’s very interesting and out of this world creative like Ryan’s imaginations are really top tier for him to have written this story.

I really really think you should watch it!

4. The Eternals

Did you really think I wasn’t going to mention this?? Even after Friends by Jimin and V of BTS is part of the soundtrack?? Did you really think so??

I actually haven’t watched this yet because I have been hella busy with work but now that I’m no longer working since I’ve resumed, I’ll be able to watch it so let’s watch it together, okay?

Also, if you’ve watched it, please rate it in the common. Thanks🤍

5. You

Okay so I know this is not very Christmas-y, just like the previous 3 movies I recommended😂 but I think it’s interesting and you should watch it.

I haven’t watched the Season 3 yet cause like I said, I’ve been busy but it’s definitely in my “Must Watch” list so if you have or plan to watch it, please let me know what you think in the comments!

Those are 5 movies/series I recommend for you to watch this holiday! I hope you do watch them and tell me what you thought of them. Maybe do a review on your blog and tag me? I’d love to read it!

Thank you for reading this post till the end. Love you!🤍


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