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HYBE EXCLUSIVE: Anti-romantic by TXT| Heartbeat by BTS| Given Taken by Enhypen

Hello everyone! Your girl is back!!!

Y’all I am so hyped right now

I just finished streaming the first day of PTD ON STAGE! I’m crying🥺 they ended with Permission to Dance and oh my God, my heart.

It’s currently 7:20am, the concert began at 4:40ish. Best 3 hours I’ve had this month. BTS just made my October omg🥺. I’m so happy that BTS finally got to meet Army and everyone had so much fun. Super grateful to the Armys who streamed the concert, you guys so amazing! Love you so so much!

Tomorrow is the 2nd dayyyy! I can’t wait!!!

Okay back to why you clicked this linkkkk,

Today, as you can tell from the title, this post is BIGHIT EXCLUSIVEEE!!! I’ll be reacting to songs by the 3 groups under BIGHIT Music! They are BTS, txt and Enhypen!

You already know I’m excited! As an Army, of course I’m elated to react to BTS! I’ve actually never heard a song by Enhypen, I know of them but I’ve never listened to them intentionally, TXT on the otherhand, wellllll I think I’ve watched one or two performances but I haven’t listened to their songs intentionally. Most of my Army friends also listen to txt anyways, so I know they’re good. The fact that I know some of their names, actually I think I know all… Yeonjun (my baby), Soobin (is cute), Taehyun (had a fan page for JK, that’s how I remember him😂), there’s also Beomyu? I think.. I don’t remember the last person💀 Hueningkai? Help 😂 that should be it. Idk

Anyways, if I were to ever stan another group, it would probably be TXT so yurrrrr I’m excited to react to them too!

Alright, shall we!!!

Anti-Romantic by TXT


Omggg omg their voices

Ahh my Yeonjun booo😭

Funny I’ve heard this “Sorry I’m an anti-romantic” sound literally everywhere on TikTok. It was later on that I found out that it was a song by TXT

This isn’t first time hearing the full song tho.

Their voices are really really niceee!

I love this song whooshhh! I’m giving this a 9 cause it’s really good!

Going to listen again! Thank you Lili for recommending this song!

Heartbeat by BTS


I’ve actually heard Heartbeat before (DUH!) and it is one of my favorite BTS songs😭😭

Their voices are EVERYTHING!!!😭😭😭

Heuuuu my heart! Every single song in BTS WORLD album deserves a performance 🧎🏽‍♀️ but I shall only see that in my dreams💔

By the way, BTS world is a game, very interesting and amazing game.


“I wish that you would love me😭😭”

I would love you forever omg😭

Their voices 🧎🏽‍♀️🧎🏽‍♀️🧎🏽‍♀️🧎🏽‍♀️🧎🏽‍♀️🧎🏽‍♀️🧎🏽‍♀️

Save me Save me I’m fine I’m fine

But I’m not

Their voices are so beautiful 😭

I love Heartbeat

JK finally sang it during his birthday live in September😭 (even though he didn’t even remember what it was till he heard it😂💔) and I was the happiest person on earth I’m sure. I cried…

This song is a freaking 10!!!!

Thank you Pannaga for making me react to this song!😭😭💜

Given Taken by Enhypen

First Enhypen song, let’s go!


Help- why is blood sipping from his nose?😭

Ouuuuu just like that

Everyone disappeared oh wow

Okay, the intro sounds good. I like the tune.


Ouuuu I like the chorus

They sound nice

The guy that began the second verse, his voice is nice and soft.

This song is cool, I really like the chorus. That’s my favorite part, infact this ending is my favorite.

They’re cool, not bad. I would rate this song an 8. It’s nice.

Thanks to Amara for recommending this song!

And that concludes today’s post and also this musical series for the month of November!

Thank you to every single person that recommended songs to me. You made this series possible so I’m very grateful for you. I had so much fun, heard new songs and know more artists. I’m sure you also learned about a few artists so it’s a win-win for us.

November was a very musically month, thank you very much everyoneeee! I love you! Thank you thank you!

Tomorrow is December!!! I’m so excitedddd! Ah! I can’t wait to read all your Blogmas posts. I’m so excited about that cause I love Christmas so much 🥺

For some of you it’s already December so allow me to wish you a new month! Let’s have an amazing Christmas together🤍


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I love “Heartbeat” so much and I’m currently vicariously living through all the PTD fancam content on YT as well. *lol* I wish I could go to one of their concerts. T_T Anyway, I’m glad some ARMYs were able to show our boys the love of our fandom! As long as our boys are happy I’ll be happy too. 💜 And I’m a fan of TXT too. They are like the little brothers of BTS for me. *lol*

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