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In The End by Linkin Park| Queendom by Red Velvet| Vicio by Selena Gomez


How is everyone??🐥

I’m back again with 3 new songs to listen to! These are by Linkin Park, Red Velvet and Selena Gomez. I’ve always loved Selena🥺🤍 but I haven’t heard any songs by Linkin Park and Red Velvet. Infact I only heard of them recently (don’t sue me) so yes I’m excited for this post!

So shall we?

In the end by Linkin Park

My friends have had only good things to say about this group so I’m excited to listen to them.



So was not expecting that!

So they’re like a rock band.

“What it meant to me will eventually be a memory of the time I tried so hard”

The lyrics are goodddd. Y’all know I’m big on lyrics.

“In the end it doesn’t even matter”

“I had to fall to loose it all”🥺

This song isn’t really my type of song. I’m not a rock kind of person but I do really like the lyrics so I’m going to say a 6😗

Thank you Tomi for recommending this song!

Queendom by Red Velvet

This is another kpop girl group! I’m not a fan of any but so far, we’ve listened to Twice, Loona and now Red Velvet! Let’s see what my first reaction would be like;



I like the beatttt

Stop, who has watched Barbie Fairy Secret? The beginning looks like where Barbie got her wings😂

I like the chorus, it’s uplifting. Something you can dance to when you’re trying to forget about your worries.

And their voices are nice.

I really like the chorus.

Ladida do babadidda 😂

The MV is cute, the lyrics are uplifting and their voices are okay. I’m giving this a good 7✨

Thank you Lili for recommending this song!

Vicio by Selena Gomez


Okay so this is in Spanish and there are no subtitles so I guess we just enjoy the song?

Also, I’m loving the way she’s singing songs in her native language. I love when artists do that. I’m all for it!!!

I actually really like the song! The beat is very nice

I love it but since I don’t know what she’s saying well I can’t really judge. I enjoyed the song but I’m not going to lie, I bopped my head more to the Red Velvet song than to this so I’m going to give it a 6🤍

Thank you Poorwa for recommending this song!

These are the 3 songs for today! I enjoyed listening to them.

November is ending pretty soon and we still have quite a list of songs I haven’t reacted to so sadly, I’ve decided to scrap out some of the songs by artist I have already reacted to in previous posts which are Breathe by Little Mix, Numb and Leave out all the rest by Linkin Park.

You can go ahead to listen to these songs. I’ve already listened to Breathe and it is infact very good.

Have you listened to any of these songs? What are your thoughts on them? Please tell me below!


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