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Glory by Bastille| Paint the Town by Loona| Heartbreak Anniversary by Giveon

Heyyy lovely people!!!

How’re you today?

We are reacting to songs by Bastille, Giveon and for the second time, Loona. Let’s begin, shall we?

Glory by Bastille


So this is kind of me rereacting to the song but like the first time, I do really love the intro.

Majorly what I gathered from this song is something I’ve always appreciated which is “perspective”. Throughout the music video, there were scenes where they were at the same place but saw different things.

Girl’s view
Guy’s view
Girl’s view
Guy’s view

This happens to us all the time. If I go out with my friends and we come home to narrate the story, we have different sides of the story because one way or another we saw different things. I might see a lady with an Afro and not notice the lady had shades on but my friend would’ve noticed the shades but not her dog. It doesn’t mean either of us is wrong, it’s just perspective.✨

There was also scenes of only the girl and it looked she was reminiscing moments of her and the guy so maybe he died?

I went through the comments of the music video cause I wanted to read the thoughts of their fans and I actually saw different interesting theories about the music video. It kind of reminds me of BTS and Armys😂

Overall the song and the music video are very nice so I’m going to give this a 10✨. Thank you Amara for recommending this song!

Paint the town by Loona


Okay so the intro is giving Bollywood song? I mean, I’ve not heard a lot of Bollywood songs but from the ones I’ve heard, the beat of this song is giving Bollywood.

Okay so I don’t know… there’s something about the song or this group that isn’t settling? I don’t know if it’s because they’re a lot but I can’t really digest their voices like before I listen well to this person, another person is already singing so it’s A LOT to handle.

Also the chorus is giving me Blackpink vibes😂. The “We about to Paint the town” part.

I like the music video cause there’s a lot of colors and shots that are very pretty.

Overall the song isn’t actually so bad. I love the beat, the chorus, the vibe of the MV so I’m going to give it a 7!

Thanks to Lili for recommending this song!

Heartbreak Anniversary by Giveon


Okay so I’ve heard this song multiple times on TikTok but I’ve never actually watched the music video or heard the full song.

I love the song. The guy’s voice is smooth and the girl is very prettyyyy.

This is the kind of song I would listen to non-stop if I got my heart broken 😂. Maybe this song will be of good use in the future…though I highly doubt. It is a very nice song so I’m giving it an 8!

Thank you Poorwa for recommending this song!

That concludes today’s post! I enjoyed all 3 songs but I would have to say my favorite is Glory by Bastille ✨

Have you heard any of these songs before? What are your thoughts on them? I’d love to know!


4 replies on “Glory by Bastille| Paint the Town by Loona| Heartbreak Anniversary by Giveon”

i have to check “glory” it sounds so greattt
and paint the town has always been a song that i really love 😭😭 blackpink vibes? 😂😂
and the girl in heartbreak anniversary is GORGEOUS 😭💕

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also, paint the town did use bollywood beats! theres a whole theory about the mv connected to the cycle of rebirth
only hindus and buddhists believe in this cycle! and since India uses bollywood beats, i think its due to that the the song has those beats!! i absolutely love the mv because of its theory of all the 12 members <33 you can search it up if youd like!

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