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Butterfly by Loona| Lover Remix by Taylor Swift|Fine Line by Harry Styles

Heyyyy lovely people!

How is everyone doing? Hopefully great!

I know a lot of us are going to shitty times and I want to say, “It’s okay, don’t give up, we love you”!🤍 I’m really glad for this little world we’ve built outside of the real world where even though comments and mails are mostly the only forms of communication, we’re able to find some form of healing in that.

I don’t know why I got all deep in my intro but I guess it’s one of those days😂

Today, from the title, you can tell that we’ll be reacting to songs by Loona (a Kpop girl group), Harry Styles (ex member of ex One Direction, now a solo artist and actor (?)) and Taylor Swift (I’ve got nothing to say about here, I just know she sings)

Okay, shall we begin!

Butterfly by Loona

This is my first time listening to them and I haven’t really heard of them so I’m not raising my expectations high, so shall we?


Okayy, first of all, how many are they? Cause they look a lot


I’m going to be honest and say I don’t understand this song. The first verse flew over my head💀

And then chorus…oh well. To me, it feels like it’s more beat and actual singing.

One thing I’m very much enjoying is the music video.

I see they used a number of ladies from different races in it and I love that. I’ve noticed most kpop songs don’t do that like all you see in their MVs is them, most of the time or 1 or 2 Koreans as well so this was surprising and impressive.

I enjoyed seeing this but I’m not sure I enjoyed the song so I’m going to have to give this a 5. Thank you Lili for recommending this song!

Lover Remix by Taylor Swift and Shawn Mendes

So it’s a lyric video I found which is still very okay!


Awwnn the song is nice. I think I’ve heard the original one.

Shawn’s voice is amazinggg! I love him!

Their voices blend very well. It’s very nice and I enjoyed their voices together, it sounded well. I’m giving it a 7! Thank you Shiny for recommending!

Fine Line by Harry Styles

Dear dear Harryyyy

Let’s begin!


I swear for a minute, I was hearing an Indian song😂.

Ohh awwnnn a guitar, yay🥺.

Ummm… at first I was like this is too slow for me but getting to the chorus, I like it. The song is actually too slow for me but it’s nice.

I’m listening to this in the midnight or maybe that’s why it’s hitting a cord😂 but it is and I really do like it.

I just realized this song is a whole ass 6 mins. That’s 3 songs in one😂. There’s a power in the ending that I really like!

Thank you Tara (if you see this) for recommending this!!! also giving this a 7!

So those are the 3 songs I reacted to today! Sadly, none of them blew my mind but they are still songs by amazing artists they deserve to be heard and appreciated✨

I hope you enjoyed this post! Do let me know if you’ve listened to any of these songs and what you think about them!

Thank you for reading! Byeeee🤍


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