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Life As A Foodie: Our Fav African Meals ft Sabrina🤩💛

Hey hey heyyyyy

Omg it feels like I haven’t blogged in a whileeee (calm down sis, it’s just Friday). Your girl has been so under the weather😭. I have malaria AND flu..crazy right? That’s why I couldn’t publish any post yesterday 🥺 I’m so sorry.

I’m feeling better than I felt yesterday in case you wanna know. It feels good to be writing againnn and wowww, we have one of my favorite blog buddies here todayyy! I’m excited, I love her so much!🤩

Everyone please welcome, Sabrinaaaaaaaa!!!

Hii everyone🤸‍♀️. It’s your cool girl next door with the bubbly (ish) personality. Hope you are all doing well. I’m your nerdy-ish, sport loving, ambivert who loves reading really long books and torturing myself by falling in love with those books and then I get heart broken when the book ends and my life then has no meaning until I find another book and….😂😪. I love cooking and as you can probably tell from the title, I’m a foodie. I love food and if you don’t love food you are a terrible person who needs deliverance😂. Periodt!
Anyway, I’ll stop talking cause I’m starting to ramble now😅. Ib, over to you…

I’m happy you decided to give me back my blog, Sab🙂


Sab is my fellow African sisturrrr🤩 you can’t imagine how happy I was when I found out she’s African too! I found out cause she kept posting a fake phone number in her posts🥴 and the country code she uses is for my country. Anyways, long story cut short, we’re buddies now🤩

Todayyyy, as you probably already guessed Sabrina will sharing 5 of her favorite South African dishes here on my blog and I will be sharing 5 of my favorite Nigerian dishes on her blog so don’t forget to check that out!

Shall I hand it over to Sabrina now? I should…

Enjoy! 🍽

There are honestly so many wonderful dishes in South Africa and choosing just five was not easy at all. Trust me, it’s like choosing favorites among your kids🤷‍♀️. We don’t do that. No ma’am😗.

Anyway, after choosing 22 dishes and having to bring them down to five (I have issues **blinks twice**), I present to you some of South Africa’s finest and tastiest dishes. Let’s go…

1. Borewors roll

Now, if you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’ve had a hotdog before. Right? You’ve probably had one but if you haven’t, no problem😉. Now a borewors roll is just that, a hotdog but (there’s always a but with me😛) it has this special type of sausage that originated in South Africa. IT IS SO DELICIOUS😋! You can add some fried onion rings to it and some tomato or barbeque sauce too. But not mustard. Mustard is gross😛.

2. Akni

Akni is quite similar to Biryani with a few differences. I can assure you that you can find different versions of this AMAZING rice on the tables of many South African homes, restaurants and even food trucks. You can especially find Muslims eating it on Eid😋. All South African’s enjoy it though, regardless of race or religion😁.


My South African people would never forgive me if I forgot to mention gatsbies in this list😂. A Gatsby is basically a South African submarine sandwich made up of a bread roll filled with French fries, lettuce, a choice of fillings and sauce (and many more). You can order a polony Gatsby, a Vienna Gatsby or a Vienna and polony Gatsby. There are A LOT more to choose from and those are just a few.

A Gatsby is large so it is typically shared between people ( typically 4 to 8 people). But this is South Africa and you’ll find people who eat an entire Gatsby by themselves😐. Send help!

4. Koeksisters

I’ll forgive you for thinking that South Africans have forgotten about desserts cause we are sorted in that area😛. Sorted! There are TONS of desserts that I could name but let’s take a personal favorite.

A koeksister is like a donut. It is a plaited, fried dough infused with syrup or honey. “Koek” (pronounce as “cook”) means cake and “sister” obviously means sister **clears throat**. It can also be sprinkled with desiccated coconut to make it more delicious (if you like coconuts that is😉).


Biltong is spiced,dried, cured meat that seems similar to beef jerky but would honestly put beef jerky to shame (let the truth be spoken😂🤷‍♀️). If you disagree, then come to South Africa babe (Ib: I will!😤). I’ll be waiting😂.

It’s a spicy, tasty dish and perfect for those of us, like me, that like spicy things😋. But, it’s low key expensive so I don’t eat it on a regular basis. OK, no wait, it’s not really expensive but when you don’t have an income and you’re broke, everything is expensive😂. (Ib: Facts😭😭)

So yeah, these are five dishes that I managed to pick from the thousands of amazing dishes that there are in South Africa. Oh and I’ve just realized that not all of these are dishes but that’s not really an issue, is it😛🤷‍♀️? (Ib: It is ma’am, we had an agreement)

I hope you enjoyed reading this. If you did, do tell Ib and I in the comments and if you didn’t, well… I don’t know😂🤷‍♀️.

Thank you so much Ib for coming up with this amazing idea and for giving me the opportunity to share some of my South African culture with you and the blogosphere👐🌺. I had a really good time and would love to do another collab with you. Once again, thanks for having me and thank you beautiful soul for reading. As always, Yo gal out✌…

Thank you Sabrina🤩🤩🤩. Sabrina needs to take over this blog for a day, y’all will love herrrr! Omg, new collab idea?😗

Jokes aside😂, I really hope y’all enjoyed this post! I feel like I don’t have as much vibe as usual cause I’m sick. Sabrina basically saved today’s post😭✋🏽 thank you Sab!

Do let us know if enjoyed this post! Don’t forget to check out my favorite dishes on Sab’s blog! Thank you so so much for reading and see you hopefully very soon! 🤍


17 replies on “Life As A Foodie: Our Fav African Meals ft Sabrina🤩💛”

“we have one of my favorite blog buddies here todayyy! I’m excited, I love her so much!🤩” – awwwn you’re too kind😪💜
“I’m happy you decided to give me back my blog, Sab🙂” – wow😂. I should’ve kept it for much longer😜
Wjy do you keep spreading these fake rumors😂😪? That isn’t a fake number😪
I’ll be waiting you to come to SA😂
Facts indeed sis😭!
Ma you should’ve brought up your issues in our emails. But if you still have issues, feel free to call me (you already know the number😉😂).
I don’t know who you’re trying to fool by saying that you didn’t have enough vibe🙄. You attacked me about my number and I actually think that this malaria and flu is giving you too much vibe😂. Hope you get well soon💜.

I really enjoyed this. Thanks for having me🙃💜

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How does malaria give one too much vibe? i just had time to check my spam…sorryyy 🙂 I’ll be at your door tomorrow morning, better have my room ready! It is a fake number, stop spreading lies Sab!!!!! I can’t wait to have you again!!!!


I don’t know look🤷‍♀️🙆‍♀️
It’s cool
Tomorrow? No nah I won’t be at home tomorrow. I’m not even in town right now😂. You’ll go and stay at a hotel then when I come back to town, I’ll send you an email. OK?
I wouldn’t day it’s a lie but OK😂…
Same here!


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