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Bambi by Baekhyun | Lie Lie Lie by Joshua Bassett

Tis’ I! Ib😌

How is everyone doing??? I can see the blogosphere slowly coming back together. It seems everyone’s getting back from their hiatus. Welcome back, I missed you and can’t wait to read all your posts!🥺

Today, I’ll be reacting to songs by Baekyoung and Joshua Bassett. I have never heard any of their songs before so I absolutely can’t wait to hear them. So shall we?🤩

Bambi by Baekhyun

First of all, the thumbnail is giving me Micheal Jackson vibessss🤩. Let’s play, shall we?

⏮▶️⏭ play!

Ouuuu this is Baekyun, right?

Come on, Ib! Of course it is!

I’m loving the intro! The suspense is good! The guy with black coat, the train and what’s he doing with the coin👀 ?

Okay stop!

Woahhhh, was not expecting that! I love it omg!

This song is sexyyyy🤩

Oh my God, his voice is lovelyyyy!

Eeeeeeeqqqqqq I love it! How do I describe it? It’s the kind of song you play when you’re slow dancing with yourself in your room in the middle of the night. I’m not the only one that does it right?😂💀 I’m not weird, I promise!

I think I just found one of my favorite songs cause omg 😱. His voice is so smooth!

I love the wordplay he used! Between Bambi and Night rain. Night rain is 밤비 which sounds exactly like Bambi so he would say “you’re my Bambi, Bambi, Bambi” and then switch to, “you’re my night rain, night rain”. I love when artists play on words 🥺

Most kpop songs that I’ve heard are lively, vibrant, energetic dancing etc but this is slow, sexy, alluring, I love it! You know the wow factor I was talking about in the last post? Yeah I got it here. I should listen to more songs by Baekhyun!😭

Giving this a 10/10 cause it’s perfect!

I’ve listened to the song thrice in a row now!

Lie Lie Lie by Joshua Bassett

I didn’t know about Joshua till the whole Olivia and Sabrina Carpenter story so I’ve never listened to any of his songs.

⏮⏸⏭ play!

Hmmmm well I don’t know about this intro… I like how it started by as it progressed, I kinda got lost🧍🏽‍♀️

Oh but I like chorus! The chorus is nice. He looks much older than I expected😂

I still don’t feel the verses but I like the chorus! It’s niceeeee

And he has good voice✨

I feel like this is a song my sister would enjoy.

He looks like he’s doing a photoshoot throughout the entire music video😂

I wasn’t really wowed by this song. The verses weren’t what I expected but the chorus did get me bobbing my head.

I’m going to give it a 5/10 🤓

Sorry Joshua’s fans😗

That’s it for today guys!

I’m very happy with the Bambi song🥺. I really like it!

I hope you enjoyed my reactions. Can’t wait to listen to more of your recommendations 🤩

See you next time✨🤍

Have you listened to any of these songs? Which ones do you like?


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