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How I learn Korean Pt.4

Hey everyoneee!!!

How are you all? Everyone seems busy nowadays, I know some of you are writing exams and some have gone on a hiatus. I hope you guys are all okay and remember to always take care of your health. Love you all!🤍

Today, we will be talking about how I practice and use notes/flashcards while studying Korean.

We’ve all heard that one phrase, “Practice makes Perfect”. Infact, you’ve probably heard it so much that you’re tired of it but I’m sorry to have to say that in learning any language, practice will make you perfect.

If you’re wondering, “How do I practice? Korean isn’t a language that everyone speaks on a usual basis”. Well you can find study groups, both online and offline, creates for people who are learning Korean. If you’re very introverted like me and don’t really like mingling or studying with people, then you can study on your own using dialogue sentences and notes.

I’m fortunate to have a few friends who are also learning Korean so sometimes while chatting, we switch from English to Korean. I also study by taking down notes during learning sessions. I’m the kind of person that reads as I write so the more I write, the more it sinks in.

I make sure to always take notes

For new words I want to learn, I write them boldly in a sticky note next to my notes or in a flash card that I can put in my desk or in my bag, where I can easily look at it when I forget.

(P.S: I kept procrastinating taking pictures of my notes till today and then I forgot to take it before leaving for work💀 but I’ll take them once I get home and update it)

I mentioned earlier that you can practice with yourself using dialogue sentences. This is what they look like:

A: 안녕하세요 파나가!

(Hello Pannaga!)

B: 안녕하세요 아이비. 잘지네요?

(Hello Ib. How are you?)

A: 괜찮아! 어제는 어디 갔어요? 난 널 찾고 있었어요?

(I’m fine. Where did you go yesterday? I was looking for you!)

B: 지짜르?! 오모! 어제는 친구하고 영화 봤어요. 미안해

(Really? Oh my! Yesterday, I went to see a movie with a friend. I’m sorry.)

A: 아니 아니 괜찮아

(No, no, it’s okay)

You can use these kind of sentences to practice with yourself or even using the Papago app I recommended in earlier posts.

I hope this post was a bit helpful to you!

Consecutive posts on Learning Korean with Ib will seize from here but this isn’t the end of this series. I mentioned at the start of this series that it’ll be a progressive one which means more posts will still be published under this series in the future.

I really hope I have been able to assist you somehow on your journey of language learning and let’s continue to help each other! Thank you for your feedbacks, it is very appreciated.

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I have to appreciate how you are sticking with this! I would just… ditch it. *hides away*
Also, even though I said I was not learning Korean, reading your posts about how you are learning makes me realise that this can be applied to any language. I’ll definitely follow those steps when I am learning a new language!

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